ALDI IE Thur 28 Mar / Mon 1 Apr

Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

€9.39 per kg 1. Cheese Bites/Mozzarella Sticks/Mac & Cheese Bites €1.69 180g ONLY and meat free mains packed with flavour. No meat veggie eats. Fill your plate with delicious veggie dishes



2. Large Vegetable Spring Rolls

€4.97 per kg

€1.79 360g ONLY


Choose from Spicy, Vegetable or No Chicken Burgers. €3.94/€7.89 per kg 3. Meat Free Burger €1.79 454g/227g ONLY

€5.41 per kg Spicy Cous Cous €1.19 220g ONLY

€1.90 per kg Red Split Lentils

95 c ONLY 500g

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