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Keep your vehicle on the road with great value, motor maintenance essentials.

Vehicle Fault Code Reader

This OBDII reader provides clear diagnostic information to tell you why your vehicle’s engine light is showing. • Compatible with OBDII compliant vehicles • Provides both generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes • No battery required • Includes comprehensive Operating Manual

€17.69 each

FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

Rain-X Anti-Fog/ Rain Repellent • Anti-Fog creates a hydrophilic coating on the inside of the windscreen to prevent steaming and fogging in vehicles • Rain Repellent creates a hydrophobic coating on the windscreen which repels rain, sleet and snow • Choose from Anti-Fog or Rain Repellent €2.95 per 100ml

Redex Twinpack Revitalise your vehicle with this fuel system cleaner that helps remove harmful deposits from around diesel and petrol injectors. • One bottle treats one tank • No tools or maintenance required • Cleans the fuel system, helps reduce emissions, restores performance and can improve fuel economy • Choose from Diesel or Petrol

De-Icer Spray Removes frost and ice from windows. • Operates to -15°C • Fast acting 30.8c per 100ml

Screenwash • Quickly removes dirt, grime and insect deposits fromwindscreens, leaving a bright streak-free finish • Prevents the washer bottle contents freezing down to -5°C

€5.89 2 pack

€5.89 200ml

• Ready to use 58.8c per litre

€1.85 600ml


€2.94 5 litres

•Clear snow from the roof. It can fall on the windscreen and block your view • Don’t forget to clear snow from the lights too C D

•Turn wipers off auto when you park. If the blades freeze to the screen, you could tear themwhen you start the car T

•Get up 10 minutes early, so you’ve got time to properly de-ice the car 


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