Aldi IE Specialbuys Thur 31 Dec / Sun 03 Jan

Buy in store SUN 3 JAN

€1.39 190g or Green Pesto. 73.2c per 100g Vegan Pesto Choose from Red

Vegan Salad Dressing Choose from Vegan Caesar, Vegan Agave and Mustard or Vegan Blue Cheese. 58c per 100ml €1.45 250ml

Vegan Mayo Choose from Vegan Mayo or Peri Peri Vegan Mayo. 50c/47.2c per 100g

€1.25 250g/265g

Vegan Cheese Tortilla Chips €6.19 per kg 99 c 160g

Vidal Vegan Marshmallows €8.40 per kg €1.26 150g

Vitamin B Gummies Raspberry flavoured B12 chewable vitamins. Ideal for vegans and vegetarians. Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

€3.99 each

Italian Herbs in Terracotta Perfect for the kitchen windowsill, balcony or terrace.

€3.49 each

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