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Winalot Dog Pouches €3.50 per kg €13.99 40 pack

€5.49 500g €10.98 per kg Wagg Christmas Dog Treats

Complete Dog Food Choose from Beef or Chicken. €1.25 per kg €14.99 12kg

Felix Pouches €3.88 per kg €6.99 18 x 100g

Fat Balls €2.22 per kg €9.99 50 pack

Wild Bird Seed €2.00 per kg €9.99 5kg

Irish Rover Natural Treats €14.73 per kg €5.89 400g

Sunflower Hearts €3.00 per kg €14.99 5kg

60% Meat Content Added Vitamins and minerals Supports overall health and wellbeing

Our finest dog food now looks as good as it tastes! Find this drool-worthy range in store every day. Premium food, premium look.

Choose from Lamb & Chicken or Grain Free Chicken €4.28 per kg Premium Trays

Choose from Chicken Twists, Duck Fillets, Chicken Fillets or Beef Steak. €19.90/€9.95 per kg Natural Treats

€2.00 per kg Premium Dog Food

€9.99 5kg

€1.69 395g

€1.99 100g/200g

In store every day

In store every day

In store every day

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