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Lots of favourites to choose from and new ones to discover! Christmas reading.

Meet Frankie Finkleton who is eleven and one month years old and has A LOT of secrets. Her main one being that she is magic! “The Adults” can never find out about any of her secrets, particularly the one about her being magic because, well, unfortunately the adults don’t believe in magic anymore. Frankie and her little brother Fred (who is Frankie’s best friend in the whole world and also one of her biggest secrets because you are not meant to think your little brother is cool!) along with their dog Blue can disappear into a world inside Frankie’s head whenever the Real World gets too much or gets too boring. Thoughtopolis is a whole adventure world, a place that stretches to the infinite reaches of their imagination. It is a place of fun and adventure until one day, Frankie gets trapped.

The Day I Got Trapped In My Brain €6.99 each

Touchy-feely festive book and plush toy gift set. That’s Not My... Book and Plush Toy

€8.99 each

Where’s Wally? Books €2.99 each


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