Easter Brochure

An enticing feast! Serve a special Easter roast for your friends and family with tender cuts and joints that have the wow factor.

On sale Tues 4 APR

Irish Angus Sirloin Joint with Savoury Gravy


€12.99 per kg ONLY

On sale Tues 4 APR

Irish Dry Cured Horseshoe Ham

Choose from Unsmoked or Applewood Smoked. €6.00 per kg

Fresh Irish Small Whole Turkey

€14.99 2.5kg ONLY

€9.99 3-3.99kg ONLY €3.33-€2.50 per kg

Fresh Irish Medium Whole Turkey

Fresh Irish Large Whole Turkey

€4.25-€3.40 per kg

€4.40-€3.67 per kg

€16.99 4-4.99kg ONLY

€21.99 5-5.99kg ONLY

On sale Wed 29 MAR

Fresh Irish Turkey Crown

€12.22-€10.00 per kg

€21.99 1.8-2.2kg ONLY

On sale Tues 4 APR

On sale Tues 4 APR

Fresh Irish Boned & Rolled Turkey Choose from Stuffed or Plain. €9.00 per kg

€17.99 2kg ONLY

Photography shows serving suggestion.


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