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Come on Ireland, we’re rooting for you.

Everyday Amazing.

Aldi fruit and veg. 100% fresh. Guaranteed.


SAVE 30 c

Cooked Beetroot 39 c 500g NOW ONLY

Butternut Squash -28%

79 c each €1.09


Sliced Mushrooms 79 c 150g NOW ONLY 150g Sliced Mushrooms


39 c each NOW ONLY

39 c Fresh fruit and veg from only


Green Beans

39 c 50g 49c Mixed Chillies -20%

79 c 220g NOW ONLY

2 Butternut Squash, 79c each. Cooked Beetroot 500g, 78c per kg. Sliced Mushrooms 150g, €5.27 per kg. Mango, 39c each. Green Beans 220g, €3.59 per kg. Mixed Chillies 50g, €7.80 per kg. Fruit and Veg offers available from Monday 11 September 2023 to Wednesday 20 September 2023. New offers start Thursday 21 September 2023. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers. Fresh Guarantee – terms and conditions apply, please see

Come on Ireland, we’re rooting for you.



€3.69 1.2 kg NOW WAS €4.14 Irish Whole Chicken

Irish Stewing Beef €4.19 600g NOW WAS €5.19

WAS €2.79 €2.59 300g NOW Irish 5% Fat Beef Steak Mince

SAVE €1.70

€3.99 400g NOW WAS €5.69 Irish Striploin Steaks

€8.99 per kg NOW WAS €9.55 Irish Full Lamb Leg

€9.99 1kg NOW XXL Irish Chicken Fillet Portions WAS €10.69

Fishcakes Choose from Cod, Haddock or Salmon.

€1.99 270g NOW WAS €2.49

Irish Stewing Beef 600g, €6.98 per kg. Irish Whole Chicken 1.2 kg, €3.08 per kg. Irish Striploin Steaks 400g, €9.98 per kg. Irish 5% Fat Beef Steak Mince 300g, €8.63 per kg. XXL Irish Chicken Fillet Portions 1kg, €9.99 per kg. Irish Full Lamb Leg per kg, €8.99 per kg. Fishcakes 270g, €7.37 per kg. Available from Thursday 14 September 2023 to Wednesday 27 September 2023 while stocks last. Photography shows serving suggestion.







SAVE €1.50

Gráinne’s Apple Crumble/Apple Sponge

Bunalun Organic Berry Mix

€2.59 720g/420g €3.19 -19%

99 c 300g -60% €2.49

Meringue Nests

79 c 104g €1.49 -47%



Irish Freshly Whipped Cream


€1.49 600g €1.99 -25%

€1.79 -17%

€1.49 350ml


Gravy Granules

Yorkshire Puddings

79 c 300g €1.19 -34%

79 c 230g €1.35 -41%




Bunalun Organic Berry Mix 300g, €3.30 per kg. Gráinne’s Apple Crumble/Apple Sponge 720g/420g, €3.60/€6.17 per kg. Specially Selected Meringue Nests 104g, €7.60 per kg. Custard 600g, €2.48 per kg. Irish Freshly Whipped Cream 350ml, €4.26 per litre. Gravy Granules 300g, €2.63 per kg. Yorkshire Puddings 230g, €3.43 per kg. All offers are limited to 6 units per product per customer. Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion. Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change. 4




€2.99 I €2.95 WAS NOW

€3.19 I €2.99 WAS NOW

€3.39 I €1.99 WAS NOW

€2.99 I €2.95 WAS NOW

99c I 88c WAS NOW

€2.29 I €2.19 WAS NOW

€1.99 I €1.89 WAS NOW

€6.79 I €6.69 WAS NOW

€3.79 I €3.49 WAS NOW

€1.09 I 99c WAS NOW

€1.65 I €1.55 WAS NOW

€2.19 I €1.99 WAS NOW

€2.39 I €2.29 WAS NOW

€2.99 I €2.79 WAS NOW

49c I 45c WAS NOW

€2.79 I €2.69 WAS NOW




Breaded Chicken Goujons 400g, €7.48 per kg. Curry Flavoured Chicken Balls 380g, €7.76 per kg. Crispy Skin On Fries 800g, €2.49 per kg. Stonebaked Chicken & Mango Flatbread 390g, €7.56 per kg. Extra Thin Crispy Base Speciale Pizza 330g, €5.73 per kg. Meaty Chunks Mixed Selection Dog Food 12 x 400g, €1.39 per kg. Choceur Milk Waves 125g, €17.52 per kg. Chocolate Chunk Cookies 200g, €4.40 per kg. Toffyooze 120g, €8.25 per kg. So Soft Luxurious Fabric Conditioner 1.16 litres, €1.34 per litre. Family Soap Bars 4 pack, €3.98 per kg. Chunky Breaded Cod 4 pack/500g, €6.98 per kg. Panko Crumb/Soy & Chilli Calamari 250g/225g, €11.16/€12.40 per kg. White Sauce Mix 25g, €18.00 per kg. Specially Selected Smoked Wafer Thin BBQ/New York Style Pastrami 130g, €20.69 per kg. Roasted Pistachios 200g, €11.45 per kg.



Little Fishes with Peas & Carrots

Bacon Grills Choose from Plain or Cheesy.

€2.99 400g ONLY

€2.49 400g ONLY

Flavoured Irish Turkey Mince Choose from Mexican or Taco.

Irish Lamb Shoulder Chops €5.49 400g ONLY

€3.99 400g ONLY

Medium Irish Striploin Joint 1.1-1.3kg

€15.99 per kg ONLY

Bacon Grills 400g, €6.23 per kg. Little Fishes with Peas & Carrots 400g, €7.48 per kg. Flavoured Irish Turkey Mince 400g, €9.98 per kg. Irish Lamb Shoulder Chops 400g, €13.73 per kg. Medium Irish Striploin Joint 1.1-1.3kg, €15.99 per kg. Available from Thursday 14 Sept 2023 while stocks last. Photography shows serving suggestion.


€3.08 per kg Irish Whole Chicken €3.69 1.2 kg NOW WAS €4.14

Scrum-tious roast dinner. Did you know the Irish Rugby Team enjoys a roast dinner every Thursday before each match? Follow their lead and bring the celebrations home with our winning roast dinner essentials at amazing Aldi value.

€3.59 per kg Green Beans

€1.09 per kg Irish Carrots

€2.63 per kg Gravy Granules

79 c 220g NOW ONLY

€1.09 1kg ONLY


79 c 300g €1.19 -34%


Yorkshire Puddings

€3.43 per kg

79 c 230g €1.35 -41%

Choose from Sage & Onion or Parsley & Thyme. €8.30 per kg Stuffing €2.49 300g ONLY


Come on Ireland, we’re rooting for you.

Super 6 offers from Monday 11 September to Wednesday 20 September. Aldi Savers offers from Thursday 7 September to Wednesday 20 September.


Winning line-up. Bring the celebrations home with our winning selection of game day snacks and drinks to support your team in style.

€1.25 per litre 7Up Zero

€2.49 2 litres ONLY


Choose from Cheese & Roasted Garlic, Mozzarella & Pesto or Red Onion & Chilli Jam. €9.00/€9.62 per kg €2.79 310g/290g ONLY

Maltesers/ Minstrels/Revels

Choose from Salt & Vinegar, BBQ or Original. 97c per 100g Stackers €1.69 175g ONLY

Choose from Cool or Chilli. €3.95 per kg Tortilla Chips 79 c 200g ONLY

Choose from Peanuts & Cashews or Mixed Nuts. €8.60 per kg Roasted & Salted Nuts €1.29 150g ONLY

€22.45/€18.32/ €20.45 per kg

€2.29 102g/125g/112g ONLY

Choose from Plain or Southern Fried. €7.13 per kg Breaded Chicken Goujons

Choose from Mild Salsa, Hot Salsa or Sour Cream. €3.97/€4.25 per kg Dip €1.19 300g/280g ONLY

Irish Pork Cocktail Sausages

Garlic & Herb Pizza Dip

€14.84 per kg KitKat

€9.90 per kg

€3.72 per kg

€2.15 144.9g ONLY

99 c 100g ONLY

€4.99 700g ONLY

€2.79 750g ONLY


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Chilean Pinot Grigio

€7.99 75cl ONLY

You won’t pay less anywhere else. Offer available 11 - 17 Sept

0.0% Alcohol

€3.03 per litre Heineken 0.0 €6 6 x 330ml ONLY

€3.32 per litre Guinness 8 Pack €13.26 8 x 500ml ONLY

€3.67 per litre Guinness 12 Pack

€22 12 x 500ml ONLY

You won’t pay less anywhere else. Offer available 11 - 17 Sept

€4.00 per litre Linden Village Cider €8 4 x 500ml ONLY

€3.88 per litre Carlsberg

€3.39 per litre Heineken

€3.40 per litre Coors

€15.50 8 x 500ml ONLY

€16.96 10 x 500ml ONLY

€17 10 x 500ml ONLY

€4.78 per litre Birra Mapelli

€2.39 500ml ONLY

€3.75 per litre Bulmers

€3.98 per litre Strana

€4.78 per litre Rossini

€15 8 x 500ml ONLY

€1.99 500ml ONLY

€2.39 500ml ONLY


You’ve got great taste.

Ireland’s Most Awarded Discounter at the Great Taste Awards 2023.


Amazing range in store EVERY DAY

Meals packed full of flavour. Tuck into our tasty new arrivals and enjoy a deliciously creamy curry, ready in no time!

Thai Curry Paste Choose from Thai Red, Green or Massaman. €10.64 per kg

€1.49 140g ONLY

Asian Cooking Sauce Choose from Katsu Curry, Sukiyaki or Teriyaki. €5.85/€5.61/€5.45 per kg

€1.99 340g/355g/365g ONLY

Bramwells Summer Mayonnaise Choose from Katsu, Ranch or Southwest. €4.68 per kg

Seasoning Tin

Summer Sauce

Mexican Topping

Choose from Smoky Chipotle, Texan Steakhouse, Sriracha or Barbacoa. €30.62 per kg

Thai Dragon Sriracha Sauce

Choose from Buffalo Hot, Harissa or Chipotle Ketchup. €8.94/€8.94/€8.11 per kg

Choose from Salsa, Soured Cream or Guacamole. €5.68 per kg

€6.57 per litre

€1.99 65g ONLY

€2.19 245g/245g/270g ONLY

€1.59 280g ONLY

€1.99 425g ONLY

€2.99 455ml ONLY

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Amazing value every day of the week.

Choose from an amazing range of lunchtime favourites, all at unbeatable value.

Back to


Choose from White or Brown. €2.29 per kg Soft Batch €1.49 650g ONLY

€1.78 per kg Farmhouse Soda Bread 89 c ONLY 500g

100% Wholemeal Medium Sliced Bread

€1.44 per kg

€1.15 800g ONLY

White Family Pan Sliced Bread

Snack Cracker Original €7.27 per kg €1.09 150g ONLY

€1.61 per kg

€1.29 800g ONLY


Chicken Sandwich Fillers Choose from Stuffing, Bacon or Tikka. €9.75 per kg €1.95 200g ONLY

Reduced Fat Soft Cheese Choose from Lighter or

Carved Turkey Breast Choose from Roast

Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler €10.95 per kg €2.19 200g ONLY

Egg Mayonnaise €5.96 per kg €1.49 250g ONLY

or Peppered. €14.21 per kg

Garlic & Herb. €5.45 per kg

€1.99 140g ONLY

€1.09 ONLY 200g

Ham & Chicken Roll/ Corned Beef €8.08 per kg 97 c ONLY 120g

Sliced Cooked Chicken/Turkey

Deli Style Irish Crumbed Ham Slices

Luncheon/Pork, Onion & Tomato Roll

Irish Cherry Rainbow Mix Tomatoes €12.23 per kg €2.69 220g ONLY

€10.28 per kg

€12.75 per kg

€8.25 per kg

€3.29 ONLY 320g

€2.55 ONLY 200g

99 c ONLY 120g


Amazing range in store EVERY DAY

Snacks, desserts & drinks

Cracker Share Tub Choose from Garlic & Herb or Cheese. €7.16 per kg €1.79 250g ONLY

Jelly Pots Choose from Strawberry or Raspberry Flavour. €3.99 per kg €2.99 6 x 125g ONLY

Cream Crackers Snack Pack €9.66 per kg €1.69 175g ONLY

Mini Snack Raisins €7.68 per kg €1.29 12 x 14g ONLY

Flavoured Houmous Choose from Red Pepper,

Flavoured Irish Still Spring Water

Mini Rice Cakes Choose from Yogurt & Orange or Milk Chocolate. €22.50 per kg

Caramelised Onion, Moroccan Inspired

Choose from Strawberry, Orange or Lemon & Lime. 99.7c per litre €2.99 6 x 500ml ONLY

Cocktail Sausage Rolls €4.48 per kg

Cheestrings Original €21.81 per kg

or Jalapeño. €7.00 per kg

€1.29 288g ONLY

€3.49 8 x 20g ONLY

€1.40 200g ONLY

€1.35 60g ONLY

Sliced Irish Mild Cheddar

Iceberg Lettuce Salad Bag Choose from Sandwich or Crispy. €4.19 per kg

Choose from White or Red. €8.25 per kg

€1.65 200g ONLY

€1.09 260g ONLY

Pink Lady Apples 49.8c each €2.99 6 pack ONLY


Check our Super 6 offers on page 2 for healthy lunch options. Every week we pick 6 of our favourite fruit and veg and offer them at super low prices.

Character Biscuits Choose from Cuthbert or Mythical Rollers. €11.12 per kg €1.19 107g ONLY

Freshly Cut Carrot Batons €2.98 per kg

€1.49 500g ONLY


Story time. Books to help them play, learn and expand their imaginations.

amazing products at great prices every week?

Every THURSDAY and SUNDAY , here at Aldi, you’ll find an amazing mix of top quality, great value products. As they change EVERY week, stock is limited so you’ll have to be quick!

THURSDAY SPECIALBUYS Buy in store Thursday 14 Sept

Available in 5 different colours. Rainbow & Ombre Yarn

ONLY SUNDAY SPECIALBUYS Buy in store Sunday 17 Sept


#AldiEverydayAmazing Specialbuys available in all stores. Email our Customer Service Team for more details. Prices are correct at time of going to print but are subject to change.

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Perfect to cuddle up to - see page 21

We’re here to help If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Team at

Our guarantees. Warranties

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

provide breakdown and parts replacement cover. 60 Day Guarantee Relax, everything is covered visit

60 DAY guarantee

For details of your nearest store visit our website at or email our Customer Service Team on *Check pack for warranty details. The warranty may be available via the distributor or the manufacturer. All products purchased in an Aldi store are covered by a 60 day refund policy. Goods returned to a store must be accompanied by proof of purchase/till receipt and in original packaging if not defective. The Aldi refund policy does not affect customer statutory rights.


Buy in store THUR 14 SEPT

Educational lift-the-flap books. • Choose from Jungle, Trains, Sports or What We Throw Away • Suitable for ages 5+ years Look Inside Book

Interactive books. • Choose from Hungry Hippo, Kangaroo, Shark, Tiger, Panda or Bat • Suitable from birth Never Touch Book

• Choose from Look I’m Happy!, Look I’m a Lion!, Who am I? Playful Pets or Who am I? Wild Animals • Suitable for ages 6+ months Board/Mirror Book

€3.99 each ONLY

€2.99 each ONLY

€3.99 each ONLY

• Choose from Monkey Puzzle, The Gruffalo, The Smartest Giant in Town or Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book • Suitable for ages 3+ years Julia Donaldson Board Book

€3.99 each ONLY

Soft and squidgy rattle books for bath time fun. • Choose from Colours, Toys, Counting or Animals • Suitable from birth Bath Book

€1.99 each ONLY

• Choose from Bluey Mum School, Peppa is Kind, Peppa’s Countdown to Bedtime, Bluey Daddy Putdown, Goodnight Igglepiggle, Super Duggee, Duggee and the Dinosaurs or Sleep Tight Upsy Daisy • Suitable for ages 3+ years Paperback Children’s Book

€1.99 each ONLY

8 interactive sounds to bring the story to life. • Choose from My First Words, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, My First Animals, Noisy Dinosaurs or Nursery Rhymes • Suitable for ages 6+ months Multi-Sound Book

€3.99 each ONLY

Beautifully illustrated hardback books. • Choose from All About Families, All About Diversity, All About Friends or All About Feelings • Suitable for ages 3+ years All About Book

€2.99 each ONLY

Activity pack with over 40 timed challenges to complete. • Includes Mission Book, Notepad and Press-Outs to solve interactive challenges • Choose from Disney Villains, Disney or Disney Marvel • Suitable for ages 7+ years Escape Activity Book

Colouring Book Suitable for ages 12+ months.

€4.99 each ONLY

€1.99 each ONLY

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GET CREATIVE FOR ONLY €1.99! Get hooked on a new hobby with all you need to get into crocheting.

Our yarn packaging is now plastic free

Autumn Leaves

Available in 5 different colours. Rainbow & Ombre Yarn €1.99 each ONLY


Available in 5 different colours. Aran Yarn

€1.99 each ONLY



Buy in store THUR 14 SEPT

Chunky Yarn

Beautiful soft yarns made from 100% acrylic. • Suitable for 10mm needle size • Available in 6 different colours

€1.99 each ONLY

• 100% acrylic • 3 ply • Suitable for 4mm needle size • Available in 10 different colours Double Knit Yarn



€1.99 each ONLY


Olive Green


Warm Red

Ideal for knitting or crocheting super soft creations. • 100% polyester chenille finish • Available in 9 different colours Baby Yarn €1.99 each ONLY

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Get crafty with our value art supplies, craft kits and more.

Art Set

• 100% cotton • Includes Project Sheet • Choose from Sunflowers, Water Lilies, Autumn Orange or Autumn Green Fabric Fat Quarters ‡ €4.99 5/6 pack ONLY

Each set includes everything you need and a 48-page Instruction Book. Choose from Modern Calligraphy

Kit, Comic Book Art, Creative Lettering Masterclass, Drawing Techniques, How to Draw

Manga or The Ultimate Colouring Experience.

€7.99 set ONLY

Choose from Brain Training, Crosswords, Sudoku or Wordsearches. Puzzle a Day €3.99 each ONLY

Craft Kit

Each set includes everything you need to complete the craft. Choose from Friendship Bracelets, Clay Jewellery, Rainbow Wrap, Bath Fizzers, Bead Jewellery or Weaving Kit.

€3.99 each ONLY

‡ Quarters only. Does not include any stuffing or padding (not sold at Aldi). Consumers should ensure that any other components and/or composite materials (including any stuffing used inside the finished product) used in conjunction with the Quarters comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.


Buy in store THUR 14 SEPT

Garden colour. Every Thursday, Aldi will be stocking an exciting new range of Irish grown plants -exclusive to Aldi and grown in association with Bord Bia quality assured nurseries.

Our grower’s top tips!

Irish Autumn Premium Rattan Hanging Basket

Add some autumn colour with plants that will last right through winter. Top tip – feed every time you water, because while rainwater is plentiful at this time of year, it has no nutrients in it.

€12.99 each ONLY


Jim O’Connor O’Connor Nurseries, Co. Wexford

Alliums/ Hyacinth Bulbs €2.99 each ONLY

Avoid watering overhead, water into base of the plant. Plant in loose

and well-drained soil. Remove dead flower heads to encourage

growth and apply a liquid fertiliser to maintain strong and healthy plants.

Sean Grimes Uniplumo, Co. Dublin

Indoor plant

Irish Grown Autumnal Plant Mix


Little prices for your little ones.

Bunalun Organic Panda Pasta

€16.85 per kg Bunalun Organic Kids Pasta Sauce €2.19 130g ONLY

€23.92 per kg Piccolo Kids Crispy Sticks

Piccolo Kids Organic Biscuits

Piccolo Kids Squeezy Fruit Yogurt

Piccolo Kids Squeezy Fruit Pack

€21.90 per kg

€11.23 per kg

€8.76 per kg

€9.69 per kg

€2.99 5 x 25g ONLY

€2.19 100g ONLY

€4.49 4 x 100g ONLY

€2.19 250g ONLY

€3.49 4 x 90g ONLY

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Squish them tight! Irresistible and cuddly, little ones will love them!

XL Fantasy Squishees Suitable from birth.

Exclusive to Aldi

€24.99 each ONLY

Rainbowie lost her magical powers but never stopped believing in herself. She grew into the most loving, kind and intelligent unicorn.

Dottie is always cheerful and her favourite thing to do is swim!

Candy is a great listener and always finds time to help those in need.

Generous and kind, Zara spends her days helping others and loves warm hugs.

This busy butterfly’s work is never done! Florence is always

Rory is a mild- mannered dragon who loves peaceful walks in the park and watching musicals.

out collecting sweet nectar.



Twist Top Bottle/Soda Cup

Twist Top Bottle • Choose from CoComelon, Peppa Pig, Care Bear or Blippi designs • Approx. 400ml capacity Soda Cup • Choose from Blippi, Little Miss, CoComelon or Peppa Pig designs • Approx. 400ml capacity

Squishees Food Keyring Suitable for ages 3+ years.

€4.99 each ONLY

€3.99 each ONLY


Cute and collectable. Treat your little one to their own hug buddy.

Buy in store THUR 14 SEPT

you might like the

In store Thur 13 July In store Thur 21 Sept Cycling Essentials Summer Kitchen

Baby Squishees €5.99 each ONLY Suitable from birth.

Henry is a bookworm who prefers to stay at home and listen to classical music.

Hugh is always reading, writing and loves daydreaming.

In store Sun 24 Sept Children’s Onesies

Lola is graceful, stylish and a fashionista, dreaming of becoming a model.

As an actor and hip-hop dancer, Gloria loves performing to a crowd.

Animal Squishees €9.99 each ONLY Suitable from birth.

Seth is a great acrobat and dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnast.

Doris is a focused, determined and hard-working Squishee.

As a party animal, Nelly loves to play and chat and is always the talk of the town.

See for further details.

Harold is never in a rush and likes to observe his surroundings at his own pace.

Dash is playful and active and loves to run around the forest and gather seeds with his friends.

Oswald is humble and wise and makes great company for inquisitive minds.

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Designed specifically for the nutritional needs of the female body, FemFuelz’s deliciously blended protein powders and supplement contain premium ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Hand-crafted from real brewed tea, their sparkling iced teas are made with 100% real ingredients as a refreshing alternative to soft drinks.

The Craft Tea Brew Co. Peter Down

Steeper Iced Tea Choose from Peach Melba or Mojito. €8.33 per litre

Choose from Gut Balance, Whey Protein or Vegan Protein. €206.13/€54.97 per kg €16.49 80g/300g ONLY Nutrition Powder

€2.75 330ml ONLY

FemFuelz Kylie & William Limerick

Deliciously crunchy, Irish crispy onions grown and produced on the farm with incredible flavour and texture.

Builín Blasta Teo Heather Galway

Milgro Ian Derry

Smoked Onion Mayonnaise

Choose from Smoked, Spicy or Light. €12.47 per kg €3.99 320g ONLY

Choose from Flame Grilled or Original. €25.16 per kg €2.39 95g ONLY Crispy Onions


Buy in store SUN 17 SEPT

High Protein Nut Butter

Choose from Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel or Choc Fudge. €24.75 per kg €4.95 200g ONLY

Nuttin’ But Kathryn Antrim

Choose from Blueberry & Almond or Apple & Pecan. €19.85 per kg €1.29 65g ONLY Instant Oat Pot

All Real Nutrition

Ross Kerry

Cotter Farm Bernard & Billy Cork

KWG Foods Kwanghi Chan Dublin

Gluten Free Porridge Oats

Mala Black Garlic Peanut Chilli Rayu

€6.98 per kg

€21.57 per kg

€3.49 500g ONLY

€3.99 185g ONLY

Bró Coffee Michael & Brenda Down

Choose from Cherry, Mango or Blueberry. €20.46 per kg €3.99 195g ONLY Homemade Jam/ Preserve

Bró House Blend Coffee

Choose from Filter or Wholebean. €24.95 per kg €4.99 200g ONLY

Mór Taste Felix Wexford


Join us at the National Ploughing Championships! The ALDI Marquee is back at the National Ploughing Championships 2023 with a jam-packed line up throughout the 3-day festival. 19-21 September. Block 1 Row 23 Stand Number 352.

Autumn Leaves

Mellow Mist

Warm Chestnut



You can find all this week’s amazing Specialbuys online. It’s super easy – simply scan the QR code on your phone and it will take you directly to our online leaflet. Enjoy!



Every Week in Aldi

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