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Laundry Hamper

Flocked Coat Hangers €3.99 10 pack ONLY Available in grey or black.

• Rectangular box with lid and 2 side handles • Approx. 43.7 x 35.1 x 60.7cm • Capacity approx. 60 litres

€12.99 each ONLY

4-handled basket with approx. 40 litre capacity. Approx. 58.5 x 38.5 x 26.5cm. Laundry Basket €6.99 each ONLY

Big brands, small prices.

Comfort Ultimate Care

Choose from Coconut or Lavish Blossom. 6.4c per wash

€4.99 ONLY 78 washes

6.4c per wash

€1.27 per 100g Vanish Gold Pink/White

€5.99 ONLY 470g

More brands available in store Thur 16 Mar.

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