ALDI IE Thurs 19 Jan / Sun 22 Jan

From hair care to skin care, our fantastic range of toiletries, deodorants and more have all your health and hygiene needs Fresh, clean and bright.

covered – all with an Aldi price tag.

Choose from Moisture, Revive, Wake-Up or Refresh. €5.16 per litre Herbal Shower Gel €1.29 250ml ONLY

Medium/Extra Soft Premium Toothbrushes 94.5c each

Alcohol Free Cool Mint Mouthwash €1.98 per litre

€1.49 per 100ml Colgate Triple Action €1.49 100ml ONLY

€1.89 2 pack ONLY

99 c 500ml ONLY

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Choose from Classic,

2-in-1 or Men’s. 24c per 100ml

Choose from Gentle Whitening or Original Mint. €42.53 per litre Sensodyne Daily Care Toothpaste

€1.19 500ml ONLY

€3.19 75ml ONLY

Shampoo and Conditioner

Applicator Tampons Choose from Regular, Super or Super Plus. 5.5c each €1.09 20 pack ONLY

Choose from Coconut, Raspberry or Apple. 24c per 100ml

€1.19 500ml ONLY

Choose from Normal, Normal Plus, Long Plus, Night or Secure Night. 15.2c/16.4c/21.3c/23.6c/26.6c each Always Ultra Towels €4.25 28/26/20/18/16 pack ONLY

Sure Women’s Deodorant

Men’s Roll-On Deodorant Choose from Sensitive or Original. €1.98 per 100ml

Choose from Bright Bouquet, Cotton Dry or Invisible Pure. €11.56 per litre

99 c 50ml ONLY

€2.89 250ml ONLY

Panty Liners Choose from Normal, Large or Extra Long. 2.2c/2.5c/2.9c each 69 c 32/28/24 pack ONLY

Lunex Ultra Towels Choose from Normal No Wings, Normal, Long or Night. 5.9c/6.8c/7.9c/9.5c each 95 c 16/14/12/10 pack ONLY

Ladies’ Roll-On Deodorant Choose from Cotton, Ocean or Invisible. €2.30 per 100ml

€1.15 50ml ONLY


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