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Luxurious beauty treats to really spoil that someone special.

• Natural rubber hot water bottle with faux fur cover • Choose from Hot Water Bottle with Eye Mask or Foot Hot Water Bottle • Available in navy, blush, dark grey or cream Hot Water Bottle

to pamper.

Relax this season with wonderful winter home fragrances and skinca

€5.99 each ONLY

Ice Globes/Ionic Skin Scrubber

Ice Globes • Facial massage rollers using the cooling powers of icy temperatures to lift complexion • Naturally eases tension and headaches • Relaxes, firms and lifts skin • Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and circles • Set of 2 Smooth Finish Ultrasonic Ionic Facial Enhancer • Uses ultrasonic vibrations to help cleanse, moisturise and lift your skin • Works with cleansers and balms to unclog pores and extract impurities • Restores elasticity and massages products deeper into the skin • 10 minute timer function

• Choose from Microwavable Neck Wrap for warming neck and shoulders or Long Hot Water Bottle to keep more of your body warm • Available in dark grey, cream, navy or blush Neck Wrap/Long Hot Water Bottle

€8.99 each ONLY

€27.99 each ONLY

FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

Ice Globes

Ionic Skin Scrubber

Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

Uses sonic vibrations to soothe and relax and promote a healthy glow. • Interchangeable heads

• Includes Facial Roller, Under- Eye Press, T-Head Bar, Textured Facial Roller, 3D Roller Face Massager and AA Battery

€19.99 each ONLY

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Face & Eyebrow Mini Shaver

• Built-in LED light for hard- to-see hairs • Discreet, sleek design • Includes Eyebrow Trimmer for precision hair removal and for beautiful brows, Facial Trimmer to remove unwanted hair from lip, chin and cheeks

€9.99 each ONLY

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty


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