Aldi Ireland Christmas Brochure 2022

beef, lamb & venison


IRISH BUTTERFLIED LAMB SHOULDER Tender and succulent roast lamb. Choose from Sweet Honey & Mustard or Coriander & Mint Marinade. €15.99 per kg ON SALE FROM 20 DEC €15.99 PER KG

Looking for an alternative to turkey that’s just as tasty? Look no further!

PREMIUM WEST OF IRELAND LAMB GUARD OF HONOUR With a rosemary, garlic and salt rub, our Lamb Guard of Honour is renowned for producing incredibly rich flavours. It’s the perfect

showstopper. €27.99 per kg ON SALE FROM 20 DEC €27.99 1kg

EXQUISITE IRISH LAMB CANNON WITH SEASONAL STUFFING A delicious lean and tender cannon of lamb with a fruity festive stuffing. €33.32 per kg ON SALE FROM 20 DEC €19.99 600g WILD IRISH GAME VENISON FILLET A lean wild Irish venison fillet, packed full of uniquely rich flavour with a fresh, earthy taste. €35.98-€29.98 per kg ON SALE FROM 20 DEC €17.99 500-600g

RACHEL MORGAN Irish Sheep Farmer

Our animals are very well looked after, and our breeds are carefully selected to maintain our high standards.” That love and care comes across in the delicious, high quality lamb Rachel supplies to Aldi stores.

For the last 10 years, Rachel Morgan has been nurturing her naturally reared, grass-fed lambs from her scenic farm in the west of Ireland. “It’s hard work but very rewarding,”she says. “I’ve always loved working outdoors and with animals.

EASY CARVE IRISH LAMB LEG Cut and boned so it’s succulent and easy to carve. Choose from Sea Salt & Garlic

Rub with a Peppercorn Butter or Ciabatta, Apricot & Herb Stuffing. 1.4-1.6kg ON SALE FROM 20 DEC €17.99 PER KG


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