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7. Irish Angus Beef Burgers

8. Irish Quick Fry Beef Burgers

€5.82 per kg Italian Salad Bag

Choose from Memphis BBQ or Onion & Garlic. €11.75 per kg

€6.24 per kg

€3.29 280g ONLY

€4.99 800g ONLY

99 c 170g ONLY

• Use a metal spatula or tongs to flip or move your food. Forks and prongs can puncture the meat, allowing juices to escape • Grilled meats need to rest to redistribute juices evenly. Place on a clean platter and cover with foil for 10 minutes before carving

• Your grill needs to be pre-heated 15-30 minutes before cooking. The temperature should be 400-450°C for high, 300-350°C for medium and 250-300°C for low cooking heat • The coals should be white hot, grey and glowing – this will achieve an even heat

€5.38 per kg Cherry Vine Tomatoes

€3.00 per litre Salad Dressing 75 c 250ml ONLY

€2.69 500g ONLY


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