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• Choose from 160g Candle with approx. 32 hours’ burn time or 80ml Reed Diffuser with approx. 6 weeks’ longevity • Choose from Peppermint, Clementine or Frankincense Nutcracker Candle/Reed Diffuser €3.99 each ONLY


Sean Barrett Little Bridge Spring Nurseries, Co. Cork

Cyclamen like lots of light and cool growing conditions. Free-draining soil is essential as cyclamen do not like to be

over-watered. Cyclamen are ideal for use in planters, baskets and patio containers. Remove old flowers and yellow leaves by twisting them off at the tuber.

10.5cm Irish Grown Cyclamen Christmas Trio Choose from Cyclamen, Ivy, Heuchera, Ajuga, Dianthus or Pot Mum Trio.

€5.99 each ONLY

Bauble Candle/Reed Diffuser

• Choose from 150g Candle with approx. 30 hours’ burn time or 50ml Reed Diffuser with approx. 4 weeks’ longevity • Includes detachable Star Decoration • Choose from Orange & Plum, Lavender & Musk or Brown Sugar & Ginger

€3.99 each ONLY

Irish Grown Christmas Begonia

€3.99 each ONLY

Begonia Elatior are indoor plants during the winter months. They flower best in light and well- ventilated rooms. It’s important to keep them watered, without over-watering and also deadhead flowers to encourage growth.

Sean Grimes Uniplumo, Co. Dublin

Nordic Tin Candle/Reed Diffuser

• Choose from 170g Candle with approx. 36 hours’ burn time or 100ml Reed Diffuser with approx. 8 weeks’ longevity • Includes detachable Decoration • Choose from Frosted Mulberry, Snowdrops & Ivy or Winter Nights

€3.49 each ONLY

Pot Grown Nordmann Fir Tree Nordmann Fir Tree with lush, green, soft- to-touch, non-drop foliage in growers pot with hessian. €18.99 each ONLY

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