Aldi Ireland Christmas Brochure 2023


H. MINI BURGERS 8 mini beef burgers with Monterey Jack cheese slices and a smoky ketchup sauce in mini brioche buns. €20.94 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €5.99 286g I. 12 MINI PIES A delicious selection of 12 Mini Pies. Includes 6 Steak & Slater’s Ale and 6 Chicken, Smoked Bacon & Leek filled pies. €14.98 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €5.99 400g G. KING PRAWN SELECTION A selection of Sweet Chilli Butterfly Prawns, Filo-wrapped Prawns with Fresh Coriander and Prawns in Crispy Coconut Batter. €26.54 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 188g E. CHICKEN KATSU SPRING ROLLS/ CHICKEN TIKKA SAMOSAS Choose from 8 Chicken Katsu Spring Rolls with a katsu curry dip or 9 Chicken Tikka Samosas with a mango chutney dip. €20.62/€20.53 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 242g/243g F. FILLED VOL AU VENTS 12 festive flavoured Vol au Vents. Includes Scottish Salmon & Crème Fraîche, French Goat’s Cheese & Caramelised Onion and Ham Hock & Cheddar. €29.70 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 168g A. MAPLE BBQ PORK BELLY BITES Slow cooked BBQ pork belly pieces marinated in a mixed pepper seasoning with a sachet of barbecue sauce. €14.26 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 350g B. BREADED KING PRAWNS 10 succulent Panko Breaded King Prawns. €31.19 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 160g C. MINI SLIDERS Choose from 8 Peri Peri Chicken or 8 Katsu Curry Chicken Mini Sliders. €15.59 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 320g D. LOADED MINI YORKSHIRES/ MINI BEEF WELLINGTONS Choose from 12 Mini Yorkshires with beef and horseradish or 8 Mini Beef Wellingtons. €33.27/€18.35 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €4.99 150g/272g



POTATO BITES Choose from 8

Cauliflower Popcorn with a buffalo dip or 8 Sweet Potato Bites with a katsu curry dip. €17.73 per kg


ON SALE 8 DEC €3.99 225g



Choose from Pork & Cranberry or Black Pudding and Jalapeño.€8.30 per kg

ON SALE 8 DEC €2.39 288g


TOM’S PARTY PICKS “Parties are all about pleasing people and making them feel wanted, so we need to cover all the bases. You will need to allow half a bottle of wine per person to be on the safe side,


and if you have some left over, it won’t go to waste!

Red and white are essential, but maybe add in a rosé? And don’t forget non-alcoholic options such as Zerozecco. In whites, you can’t go wrong with Freeman’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc, and Chassaux Et Fils Côtes du Rhône Villages will tick all the boxes for red wine drinkers. Both offer fantastic value for money which is important when you have a crowd in!”

J. DIM SUM SELECTION 12 dim sum. Includes Vegetable Gyoza, Prawn Shumai and Char Siu Mushroom Bao Buns. €23.04 per kg ON SALE 8 DEC €5.99 260g


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