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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Kevin and Family Specialbuys available from Thur 25 Nov.

€4.99 each Plush Toys from



Buy in store THUR 25 NOV

Christmas with Kevin. Get into the Christmas spirit with Kevin and friends!

Kevin the Carrot

Kevin’s back, and this year our adorable toy is dressed for his latest adventure, a Christmas Carrot!

• Approx. 35cm tall • Suitable from birth

€4.99 each

Katie the Carrot

Complete Kevin’s Dickensian family with Jasper, Chantenay and Baby. Suitable from birth. Carrot Kids €4.99 set

Dressed in a delightful Dickensian outfit, Katie’s just waiting for a hug! • Approx. 30cm tall • Suitable from birth

€4.99 each

Three of the main characters from A Christmas Carrot – collect them all! • Choose from Ebanana Scrooge, Marcus Radishford or Spirit of Christmas • Suitable from birth Ebanana Scrooge/Marcus Radishford/Spirit of Christmas

€4.99 each

Aldi Ireland are donating €5000 to Barnardos from the sale of selected Kevin the Carrot products † .

† Registered Irish Charity RCN: 20010027


Happy Help Me It’s Almost Christmas And Nothing Is Done Pre-Christmas Christmas Festive Time! Except for all of you guys who got organised in September. I’m very sorry but we can never be friends. You are a breed of people I only wish I could be and you will only make me feel inept, but I do wish you all the luck. But also I hope you haven’t bought up all the good gear. Leave some for the rest of us who reach December and it’s almost as though Christmas comes as a fresh surprise EVERY YEAR. I have gotten better. I guess having kids forces that side of things substantially. Truth be told I adore getting Christmas ready for them. I love October right through to the week after Christmas and then I wish it was summer already. Last year, as it was such a bleak year with what everyone was going through, I totally jumped on National Lampooning the house as early as was socially acceptable without getting your place egged or getting taunted on the road. I craved light and glitter and fun amid the grey unknown. Also, I was having a post Christmas baby (I have one of those every year but normally it’s made out of food, but last year it was a REAL BABY) so I wanted to get as much organised as I possibly could before I beached myself on the couch with a mountain of Christmas pudding and a bottle of antacid. Lugging the decorations out every year is always part terrifying, part exciting. And you tell yourself this will be the year you will definitely box the Christmas lights away by looping them around empty kitchen rolls this year. THIS. IS. THE. YEAR. Instead of spending hours unknotting gnarled twists until your fingernails are bleeding and you have a serious bout of the Grinches.

Decorating the tree was always one of my favourite family traditions as a kid. Everyone in my family had to wait until everyone was home so we could do it together. Christmas songs would be blasted and there would invariably be rows about the red ribbons being far too close to the gold reindeers and there was no way the garlands should be looped around the tree BEFORE the lights. As a part of my ‘nesting’ phase last year I decided I wanted to be a proper grown up and get order on our own tree. I had wanted to mix gold and pink together for ages; not a traditionally festive colour combo but I loved curating lots of new bits and pieces for it. I’m glad I liked it in the end as the non-food baby came early, a few days after Christmas so that tree was lucky to come back down before Easter. So many people sacrificed so much last year, not coming home, not seeing friends and family, I do hope this Christmas is filled with fun and love and cheer. As best we can allow. Here’s to good company, happy meals shared, magical letters to Santa, clinking glasses, enjoying a yummy Christmas dinner, enjoying it even more if you’re not the one cooking it, and revelling in all the fun of the build-up. I hope it’s a peaceful and happy one for you and yours. Oh, and if anyone has a sec to come over and unknot the lights I’d be super grateful. Amy xx P.S. Thank you so much to all of you for listening in to our Mamia&Me podcast series and thanks so much for getting in touch and sending in your lovely messages. You are all on the Nice List! Don’t forget to subscribe where you listen to your podcasts so you know when a new episode is out!

Everyday Amazing.

The Connoisseur’s Collection.


Sauvignon Blanc with a smoky, flinty minerality from vineyards that face Sancerre across the Loire. Pouilly Fumé is the really smart choice! FRANCE 1. Pouilly Fumé €14.99 75cl





2. Barolo

Blackberry and strawberry notes, complemented by vanilla and cocoa aromas with a fresh attack on the mouth, sustained by velvety tannins. FRANCE 3. Château les Trois Manoirs Bordeaux

The most delicious curiosity, a Rhône wine that showcases some rare and amazing grapes like Rousanne and Bourboulenc. Dry but quite full, with ripe peach and just a hint of fennel. FRANCE 5. Grand Vallon Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Blanc

4. Amarone

A statuesque Barolo that’s also a bargain. How often do you see that? Classic expression of the Nebbiolo grape with lovely depth. Fragrant, structured with great length. It needs robust food. ITALY

One of the great Italian reds made using a unique technique involving semi-dried grapes for greater concentration. Typically bittersweet with layer upon silky layer of flavour. Try with duck, goose or even dark chocolate! ITALY

€14.99 75cl

€9.99 75cl

€17.99 75cl

€19.99 75cl


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON


€12.99 70cl 2. Tamova Vodka

€13.99 70cl 1. Corley’s Dry Gin 3. Ardfallen Blended Irish Whiskey





4. Old Hopking Spiced Gold Spirit Drink




€18.99 70cl



€15.29 70cl 6. Napoleon Brandy €14.49 8. Samuel Joe’s Bourbon Whiskey

7. Highland Earl Blended Scotch Whisky €19.99 70cl 5. Chevalier Cognac VS

€14.99 70cl


Argentinian Malbec Magnum

A brilliantly clear, deep ruby red Rioja with aromas of wild berries, vanilla and spice. Wonderfully balanced with rounded, elegant qualities. Great paired with red meat, game and cheese. €10.00 per 75cl SPAIN Rioja Reserva Magnum

A bright and intense ruby red wine with aromas of fresh fruits. Perfect with roast meats and tomato-based pasta dishes. €7.99 per 75cl ON SALE 6 DEC ARGENTINA

€15.99 1.5 litres

€19.99 1.5 litres


On sale Thur 25 Nov

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Show-stopping desserts.

Wow your guests with indulgent puddings that really put the icing on the cake.

Laura’s Irish Vintage Christmas Pudding

The recipe for this 9 month matured Christmas pudding has been handed down through the generations of Stafford bakers. Made using Aldi’s own Salvado Rum and full of the rich flavours of fruit, cider, cognac, brandy and Irish stout. €11.01 per kg

¤9.99 907g


® SILVER 2021

Panettone A traditional Italian sweet bread. Choose from Classic or Choc Chip. €6.65 per kg ¤4.99 750g

Damson Plum & Pink Gin Pudding/Figgy Pudding

Mince Pies from 89 c 6 pack

Choose from a shimmering gold fruit pudding with a hidden Victoria plum and gin sauce or a rich fig and nuts pudding drenched with rum and cider and a sticky toffee rum centre. €11.24 per kg ¤8.99 800g


Great Gifting Ideas a

Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Florentines €17.59 per kg

¤2.99 170g

Brittle Choose from Peanut or Salted Maple Almond. €21.65 per kg

Milk White & Dark/Just Dark €43.68/€42.36 per kg

¤6.99 160g/165g

¤2.49 115g

Jacob’s Afternoon Tea

Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes/ Elite Chocolate Kimberley

Famous brands at Aldi prices

Famous brands at Aldi prices

¤1.29 115g Fruit Pastilles Giant Tube €11.22 per kg

Cadbury Medium Selection Box €11.38 per kg

¤1.65 145g

Mince Pies 41.5c each

Galaxy Selection Box €16.35 per kg

Swiss Chocolate Mountain Bar Choose from Milk or White. €8.73 per kg ¤2.49 6 pack

¤3.99 244g

Moo Free Selection Box €47.52 per kg

¤3.49 400g

¤4.99 105g

Cocoa Dusted Truffles Choose from Salted Caramel, Chocolate or Orange. €12.45 per kg

Scottish Shortbread Assortment €9.98 per kg

¤2.49 200g

¤4.99 500g


Choose from Cookie Dough, Rocky Road or Salted Caramel. €15.56 per kg Irish Hand Finished Slices

€2.49 160g

Belgian Chocolate Marshmallows

99 c 256g/250g €3.86/€3.96 per kg Dairyfine Dreemy/Romeo

Dominion Pink & White Marshmallows

€1.49 107.5g €13.86 per kg Cadbury Twirl

€2.29 100g €22.90 per kg

59 c 200g €2.95 per kg

€1.49 150g €9.93 per kg Cadbury Festive Friends

Sun Quench Sun Shot Pouch Packs

€1.69 10x200ml 84.5c per litre


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Buy in store THUR 25 NOV

The Popcorn Factory Candy Floss

€1.99 156g €12.76 per kg Toffee Crisp

€1.59 150g €10.60 per kg Cassidy’s Hand Cooked Crisps

€1.49 45g €33.11 per kg

€6.60 per kg Snackrite Spuddy’s Crisps

99 c 6 x 25g

€1.99 112g €17.77 per kg Aero Milk Chocolate

€1.99 112g €17.77 per kg Aero Caramel

€2.49 336g €7.41 per kg Haribo Super Mini Mix

€1.99 340g €5.85 per kg Dominion Flix ‘N’ Mix

€9.07 per kg Oreo Yard

€3.99 440g

59 c 300g €1.97 per kg Mild Salsa Dip

49 c 200g €2.45 per kg Snackrite Tortilla Chips

Jaffa Cake Christmas Cracker

€3.49 500g €6.98 per kg

€8.25 per kg Dairyfine Giant Buttons

€1.99 112g €17.77 per kg Aero Peppermint

€1.99 141g €14.11 per kg Yorkie

€2.99 222g €13.47 per kg Cadbury Variety Bag

99 c 120g


Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number

Festive foliage. Bring a little Christmas magic to your home with beautiful real trees and plants.

Every THURSDAY and SUNDAY , here at Aldi, you’ll find an amazing mix of top quality, great value products. As they change EVERY week, stock is limited so you’ll have to be quick!

THURSDAY SPECIALBUYS Buy in store Thursday 25 Nov

Irish Grown Christmas Tree

SUNDAY SPECIALBUYS Buy in store Sunday 28 Nov

This 6ft, non-shed Nordmann Fir is grown in Ireland to ensure the freshest, best quality trees. €24.99 each

#AldiEverydayAmazing Specialbuys available in all stores. Email our Customer Service Team for more details. Prices are correct at time of going to print but are subject to change.


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2 for 1 offerˆ

Our guarantees. Warranties

Available in store Thur 25 Nov

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

provide breakdown and parts replacement cover. 60 Day Guarantee Relax, everything is covered visit


60 DAY guarantee

€8.99 each 2 FOR 1 OFFER ˆ

For details of your nearest store visit our website at or email our Customer Service Team on *Check pack for warranty details. The warranty may be available via the distributor or the manufacturer. All products purchased in an Aldi store are covered by a 60 day refund policy. Goods returned to a store must be accompanied by proof of purchase/till receipt and in original packaging if not defective. The Aldi refund policy does not affect customer statutory rights.

ˆLimited time only, while stocks last.

LEGO, the LEGO logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2021 The LEGO Group.


of Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store THUR 25 NOV

Deck your door for Christmas with this fresh Irish wreath. Available in 2 designs. Fresh Irish Wreath €9.99 each


Novelty Planter

• Choose from Traditional style with a red zinc pot and standard lights, or Snowed style with a green zinc pot, star lights and snowflake decorations • Approx. 15cm Small Decorated Picea Tree with Lights

• Choose from Santa with striped jumper and pot in charcoal, or Snowman with green scarf and pot in red • Approx. 7.5-9.2cm

€2.99 each

€9.99 each

On sale Sun 28 Nov

Indoor plant

Every Thursday, Aldi will be stocking an exciting new range of plants – exclusive to Aldi and grown in association with Bord Bia quality assured nurseries.

Begonia Elatior are indoor plants during the

winter months. They flower best in light and well-ventilated rooms.

It’s important to keep themwatered, without overwatering and also deadhead flowers to encourage growth. Irish Grown Christmas Begonia €3.99 each

Sean Grimes Uniplumo, Co. Dublin

ˆLimited time only, while stocks last.

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Available in store NOW

Give Barnardos kids a big helping this Christmas.

€11.99 each

Great cookbook, great cause, great price.


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Luxury Charity Christmas Card 25c per card will be donated to charity. See card for charity details.

Christmas Charity Bumper Pack 50c from each pack will be donated to charity. See pack for charity details.

¤1.99 each

¤2.99 20 pack

¤3.99 10 pack Luxury Charity Christmas Card 70c from each pack goes to charity. See pack for charity details.

¤4.99 10 pack Luxury Charity Christmas Card 70c from each pack goes to charity. See pack for charity details.

Christmas Last Postal Dates 2021 Standard Post Letters December 21, 2021 Standard Post Parcels December 21, 2021 Registered Post December 21, 2021 Express Post December 21, 2021

Give the gift of an Amazing Christmas.

To donate €4 text KIDS to 50300

100% of your donation goes to Barnardos across most network operators. Some operators may apply VAT, which means a minimum of €3.60 goes to Barnardos. Provider: Like Charity. Helpline 0766805278 Barnardos RCN number 20010027


Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

Season’s greetings. Welcome house guests or treat yourself to soft towels, stylish accents and scents of the season.


Matching bath sheet available

a For the Home


a See for further details


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store THUR 25 NOV


Luxury Supersoft Towels to smarten up your bathroom. • 100% cotton • Machine washable • Available in taupe, light grey, white or slate grey 1. Luxury Supersoft Towels

€8.99 2 pack hand towels/ bath towel €14.99 bath sheet

660g Inclusion Candle or 150ml Reed Diffuser available in Winter Spice, White Petals or Paradise. 2. Hotel Collection Inclusion Candle/Reed Diffuser


€5.99 reed diffuser €7.99 candle


Choose from Dinner Candles or Single Pillar Candle in gold or silver ombre or 4 pack Pillar Candles in white or burgundy. 3. Pillar Candles

On sale Sun 28 Nov

€4.99 each/4 pack

Mercurised glass lantern with beautiful festive scene design. • Available in red, navy or silver with either gold or silver inside • Approx. 20 x 17 x 18cm 4. Winter Scene Lantern

€9.99 each



FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

5. Hotel Collection XL Candle

700g 3 wick Candle available in Tuberose, Cashmere & Ylang Ylang, Pink Pepper,

Rose, Amber & Leather, or Honey, Plum & Tonka Bean.

On sale Sun 28 Nov

€9.99 each

400ml Reed Diffuser available in Tuberose, Cashmere & Ylang Ylang, Pink Pepper, Rose, Amber & Leather, or Honey, Plum & Tonka Bean. 6. Hotel Collection XL Diffuser

On sale Sun 28 Nov

€11.99 each

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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of



Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store THUR 25 NOV

Gorgeous Gift Boxes to make any present extra special. Choose from Large Rectangular, 2 pack Square with tag and satin ribbon or 3 pack Stackable in various designs. Gift Boxes

Ladies’ Metallic Pyjamas

100% cotton pyjamas with metallic details running through the designs for extra sparkle. • Available in various all-over prints and colours with metallised fibre • Sizes 8/10-16/18

€4.99 each/pack

€9.99 each

• Choose from 12 pack Wooden Pegs to hang Christmas cards, 6 pack Wooden Gift Tags or 12 pack Wooden Present Toppers • Gift Tags and Present Toppers can be reused as tree decorations • Wooden pegs available in 3 designs Wooden Tags/Present Toppers/ Peg Card Holders

€2.29 each/pack


Children’s Ski Gloves/Hat

Gloves • Breathable, waterproof and windproof • 100%polyester • 3M Thinsulate • Available in 4 different colours with black grip • Ages 9/10-15/16 Bobble Hat • Choose from 4 designs with fleece lining and bobble • Ages 9/10-15/16

€4.49 pair/each

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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

Working wish list. Just what every serious DIY enthusiast wants for Christmas!

Men’s Workwear Jacket

Breathable, wind-resistant and waterproof. • Quilted lining for warmth • Zipped chest pockets with 2 side pockets • Pack-away hood with drawcord • 2-way front zip • Fleece-lined collar • Available in hi-vis yellow or black • Sizes S-XXL

On sale Sun 28 Nov

€24.99 each

Stay safe andwarm, whatever the job. • Reflective tape on body and sleeves • Brushed back fleece fabric • Choose fromHoodie with kangaroo pocket and lined hood or Sweatshirt style with crewneck and raglan sleeves • Sizes S-XXL Men’s Hi-Vis Sweatshirt €19.99 each


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store THUR 25 NOV



1. Hex Key Set

Useful sets with ergonomically- shaped T-handles for better grip and high torque. • Includes plastic Storage Tray • Choose from 8 piece set T-handle Hex Keys or 8 piece set T-handle Torx Keys



€7.99 set

2. Key Safe

On sale Sun 28 Nov

Durable, tough alloy security key box for indoors or outdoors. • Dual cover to protect locking mechanism • Easy to mount • 4-digit resettable number combination • Inner size approx. 8.9 x 6.2 x 3cm • Outer size approx. 11.5 x 9.5 x 4cm

Multi-positional lights

€11.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

• 900 lumens • 10m sensor range • 110° beam angle • Adjustable motion sensor with joint • Includes Wall Mounting Accessories • Available in black or white 3. LED 10W Flood Light

€12.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

4. LED Work Light

On sale Sun 28 Nov

Powerful Work Light with quick-release stand. • Twin 50W lights • IP54 rated • 9000 lumens brightness • 100% or 50%dimming function • Additional stand with handle for using on the ground • Light radius approx. 7 x 7m • Cable length approx. 5m • Tripod adjustable to approx. 1.7m

€64.99 set

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

Surprises they’ll love! Spoil that someone special with the perfect gift!


1. Philips Rotary Shaver

A clean, comfortable shave every time with the Philips Shaver Series 3000. • 5D Pivot & Flex Heads follow facial contours • PowerCut blade system • Wet or dry function • Pop-up trimmer for moustache and sideburns • Approx. 60minutes of cordless shaving froma 1-hour charge • Approx. 5-minute quick charge gives enough power for 1 full shave

€59.99 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty


Facial Cleanser

• One side for cleaning and one side for massaging • 14 intensity levels • 3 buttons • Memory function • Extra bristle area for nose cleaning • Auto shut-off after 15 minutes of operation • Includes USB Charging Cable • Choose from Normal Skin in pink, Sensitive Skin in lilac or Combination Skin in blue with different silicone bristles for different skin types

€14.99 each


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store SUN 28 NOV


Set of 3 x 75g candles in 3 mindful scents, Be Happy, Tranquil and Feel Calm. Wellness Candle Set €5.99 set

Ladies’ Philips Shaver/Men’s Philips Trimmer

2. Ladies’ Shaver • Floating foil for an even, irritation-free shave on legs or body • Can be used in the shower or bath • Battery indicator 3. Men’s Multigroom Trimmer

• Versatile 9-in-1 trimmer for styling face and hair

• DualCut blades for maximum precision • Up to 80 minutes’ cordless use per charge

€32.99 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty

€2.59 1kg €2.59 per kg Westlab Mindful Bath Salts

Enjoy puzzling with these top quality, smoothly interlocking jigsaws to soothe and relax the mind. Puzzle €5.99 each FREE 2 YEAR * warranty

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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

Ready to stay up late late? Snuggle up and get cosy.

Relax over Christmas in this festive hooded onesie with full front zip. • Choose from Reindeer design with antlers on hood or Fair Isle print with pockets • Men’s sizes M to XL • Ladies’ sizes S-L Men’s/Ladies’ Christmas Onesie

€14.99 each

All-in-one Christmas outfit for kids. • Choose from Reindeer Children’s Christmas Onesie

design with antlers on hood or Fair Isle print with pockets • Ages 12/24 months-11/12 years

€7.99 each

Men’s Christmas Hipsters Organic cotton pants in a hipster style. • Choose from a variety of Christmas designs and colours • Sizes S-XXL €4.99 2 pack

Men’s/Ladies’ Functional Sport Socks

• Available in yellow, black, grey or blue

• Sizes 2/4-9.5/11 €2.99 pair


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store SUN 28 NOV

The ideal way to keep toasty and warm all winter. • Hooded fleecy oversized blanket with sleeves and kangaroo pocket for extra comfort • Available in plain grey, plain rose or avocado print • One size Hooded Blanket €19.99 each

Christmas onesie made from cosy fleece fabric in fashionable Christmas designs with hood and front zipper. • Available in navy or red • Sizes S-XL €19.99 each Aldi Mania Christmas Onesie

100% cotton pyjamas in colourful, festive designs. • Choose from Rudolph or all-over Fair Isle Print designs • Men’s sizes S-XXL • Ladies’ sizes S-L Men’s/Ladies’ Christmas Pyjamas

Classic fashionable shoes with elastic insert on outside and zip on side. • Available in black or brown • Sizes 4-7 Ladies’ Winter Chelsea Boots €14.99 pair

€11.99 each


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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

a For the Home

Fill every roomwith a touch of festive cheer. Get cosy this Christmas.

Easy Care Novelty Duvet Set

€14.99 king €12.99 double

Add a touch of Christmas magic to bedtime. • Polycotton • Includes 2 Pillowcases • Choose from Ski, Car, Woodland or Dachshund designs

• Available in navy or light grey • Approx. 50 x 50 x 40cm Knitted Pouffe €39.99 each


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store SUN 28 NOV

Fun, Christmas-themed bedding for children of all ages. • Choose from Letter, Gonk, Dino or Unicorn designs • Duvet approx. 135 x 200cm • Pillowcase approx. 50 x 75 x 15cm Single Easy Care Novelty Duvet Set

€9.99 single

Scentcerity Large Jar Candle

Choose from Happy Holidays, Black Forest Gateau or Peppermint Kisses. €4.99 each

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a Christmas Kitchen For Less Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

The season to be jolly. Get in the mood for Christmas with our festive kitchenware.

Easy-to-use Churro Maker. • Makes 4 churros • Automatic temperature control system • Cool-touch handle • Safe and compact • Rotary system for even baking • Anti-stick coated plates • Available in black or grey Churro Maker €19.99 each FREE 3 YEAR * warranty




Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store SUN 28 NOV


Nesting festive tins ready to house all your Christmas baking. • Includes Small Tin approx. 20 x 9cm, Medium Tin approx. 22 x 12cm and Large Tin approx. 25 x 14cm • Choose from Village Scene, Constellation or Scandi Woodland designs 1. Novelty Christmas Cake Tins

€9.99 set


3 pack of 100% cotton festive tea towels. 2. Novelty Tea Towels

On sale Thur 25 Nov

€3.99 3 pack

Dishwasher safe storage boxes with a festive theme. • Choose from 4 Square Containers, 4 Round Containers or 4 Rectangular Containers • Available in Village Scenery or Scandi Woodland designs 3. Christmas Clip Lid Storage


€6.99 4 pack

4. Festive Silicone Baking Mould/3D Cookie Cutters

Perfect for Christmas baking! • Freezer safe • Oven safe to 180°C • Hand wash only

• Choose from Silicone Moulds in Snowflakes, Christmas Jumpers or

Christmas Trees designs for chocolate or cakes, or Cookie Cutters sets to create a 3D Gingerbread House or Christmas Tree

€3.99 each



5. 3D Christmas Mug

Perfect for those hot Christmas drinks or as a stocking filler. • Hand-painted stoneware • Microwave and dishwasher safe • Choose from Santa, Reindeer, Snowman or Gonk designs €4.99 each A tasty way to serve up Christmas snacks. • Dishwasher and microwave safe • Choose from Star, Christmas Tree or Reindeer designs 6. Christmas Novelty Dish

€6.99 each

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Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of

Loved by little ones.

Amazing gift ideas that are sure to make their eyes light up on Christmas morning.

• Choose from Unicorn, Dog, Lion, Cat, Koala or Dinosaur • Suitable from birth Giant Squishmallow €15.99 each


Stylish trainers with synthetic upper, padded collar and insock. • Touch-and-close fastenings • Available in black, sizes 10-2 or rose, sizes 12-2 Children’s Trainers €9.99 pair

Fisher Price Animal Pull Along Helps develop children’s hand-eye coordination and enhances the understanding of 3-dimensional space. • Includes Cart and 8 bright and colourful Wooden Characters • Approx. 151 x 280 x 145mm• Suitable for children ages 18+ months


€15.99 each


€19.99 each Disney Soft Toy


Specialbuys may be delayed. Please check for more details.

Buy in store SUN 28 NOV

Christmas Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog • Choose from Gonk, Penguin, Winter Snowflake or Polar Bear designs • Ages 0-6m, 3-20m, 12-24m €9.99 each

a For the Home


• Double thread, double speed • 12 built-in stitch patterns • Forward and reverse sewing • Automatic thread rewind • Sews sleeves • Built-in sewing light • Uses hand switch or foot pedal to start • Available in white or grey • Approx. 27.5 x 12.1 x 26cm Midi Sewing Machine €44.99 each FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

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Cluck& Collect Book your turkey now!

Selected stores only.


Don’t miss out next week...

On sale Thur 2 Dec Books for All

Delivery in as little as 30 minutes available in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

On sale Sun 5 Dec Festive Table

Over 550 products

On sale Mon 20 Dec Fresh Irish Bord Bia Approved Turkeys

Minimum spend €25, order via the Deliveroo app now!


Available from THUR 25 NOV – WED 1 DEC

99 c 8 pack Pink Lady® Apples


Daily deliveries.




So you can enjoy amazing tastes and quality produce, all at amazing Aldi prices.


89 c

89 c

79 c



49 c 300g

49 c 500g

49 c each

99 c 150g

99 c 220g

Super fresh fruit and veg delivered every day.

Pink Lady® Apples 8 pack, 12.4c each. Closed Cup Mushrooms 300g, €1.63 per kg. Broccoli 500g, 98c per kg. Turnip, 49c each. Blueberries 150g, €6.60 per kg. Extra Fine Beans 220g, €4.50 per kg. Fruit and Veg offers available from Thursday 25 November to Wednesday 1 December 2021. New offers start Thursday 2 December 2021. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers.


to Ireland’s best fresh meat and fish


Breaded Cod/ Haddock €2.89

€2.29 300g

Angus Gourmet Burgers


€1.99 280g

Crispy Duck Choose from Hoisin Sauce & Pancakes or Port, Orange & Cranberry Sticky Glaze. €6.49

€2.89 454g Irish Angus Steak Mince 5% Fat

Irish Chicken Breast Fillets



€3.99 500g

€5.99 450g

€7.99 per kg Irish Round Roast Beef Joint 30 day matured.

€8.99 per kg

€6.29 454g Irish Black Angus Sirloin Steaks 32 day matured. €6.99

31 Specially Selected Angus Gourmet Burgers 280g, €7.11 per kg. Breaded Cod/Haddock 300g, €7.63 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Angus Steak Mince 5% Fat 454g, €6.37 per kg. Irish Chicken Breast Fillets 500g, €7.98 per kg. Specially Selected Crispy Duck 450g, €13.31 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Black Angus Sirloin Steaks 454g, €13.85 per kg. Irish Round Roast Beef Joint, €7.99 per kg. Available from Thursday 25 November 2021 to Wednesday 8 December 2021 while stocks last.

Battered Chicken Balls Choose from Plain or Curry Flavoured. €2.89

Mamia Ultra Dry Easy Pants XL Size 6 €2.35

€1.49 380g

€1.49 18 pack

Handmade Chocolate Bar Choose from Valencia Orange, 70%Dark or Mint Crisp. €1.99


Irish Pasta Sauces Choose from Bolognese or Sundried Tomato. €1.79

99 c 100g

99 c 350g

Quilted Toilet Tissue

Orange/ Apple Juice €1.39


99 c 4 pack

99 c 1 litre

Up to 50

% off

Enjoy unbeatable value on groceries every day with our Amazing Grocery 6 offers. AVAILABLE FROM WED 17NOV– TUES 30NOV WHILE STOCKS LAST

Good luck to all taking part in the finals at University of Limerick on 27 November 2021

Battered Chicken Balls 380g, €3.92 per kg. Mamia Ultra Dry Easy Pants XL Size 6 18 pack, 8.3c per nappy. Handmade Chocolate Bar 100g, €9.90 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Pasta Sauce 350g, €2.83 per kg. Quilted Toilet Tissue 4 pack, 15c per 100 sheets. Orange/Apple Juice 1 litre, 99c per litre. All offers are limited to 6 units per product per customer. Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion. Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change.


Buy in store THUR 25 NOV

Gift Wrap

Peas & Goodwill/ Tiny Tom/Banana Snowman

Exciting new luxury wrap with copper foil stamp finish adding style to the wrapping of those special gifts. • Choose from 2 designs • Approx. 3m

Three more cuddly, collectable characters from A Christmas Carrot. • Choose from Peas & Goodwill, Tiny Tom or Banana Snowman • Suitable from birth

€4.99 each

€2.49 each

Deck the halls. Even your Christmas

tree can get the Kevin treatment!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Add everyone’s favourite Christmas Carrots to your tree. • Choose from Standard Kevin and Katie, Standard Kids, Dickensian Kevin and Katie or Dickensian Kids • Suitable from birth

€3.99 set

#KevinTheCarrot i


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