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Happy Help Me It’s Almost Christmas And Nothing Is Done Pre-Christmas Christmas Festive Time! Except for all of you guys who got organised in September. I’m very sorry but we can never be friends. You are a breed of people I only wish I could be and you will only make me feel inept, but I do wish you all the luck. But also I hope you haven’t bought up all the good gear. Leave some for the rest of us who reach December and it’s almost as though Christmas comes as a fresh surprise EVERY YEAR. I have gotten better. I guess having kids forces that side of things substantially. Truth be told I adore getting Christmas ready for them. I love October right through to the week after Christmas and then I wish it was summer already. Last year, as it was such a bleak year with what everyone was going through, I totally jumped on National Lampooning the house as early as was socially acceptable without getting your place egged or getting taunted on the road. I craved light and glitter and fun amid the grey unknown. Also, I was having a post Christmas baby (I have one of those every year but normally it’s made out of food, but last year it was a REAL BABY) so I wanted to get as much organised as I possibly could before I beached myself on the couch with a mountain of Christmas pudding and a bottle of antacid. Lugging the decorations out every year is always part terrifying, part exciting. And you tell yourself this will be the year you will definitely box the Christmas lights away by looping them around empty kitchen rolls this year. THIS. IS. THE. YEAR. Instead of spending hours unknotting gnarled twists until your fingernails are bleeding and you have a serious bout of the Grinches.

Decorating the tree was always one of my favourite family traditions as a kid. Everyone in my family had to wait until everyone was home so we could do it together. Christmas songs would be blasted and there would invariably be rows about the red ribbons being far too close to the gold reindeers and there was no way the garlands should be looped around the tree BEFORE the lights. As a part of my ‘nesting’ phase last year I decided I wanted to be a proper grown up and get order on our own tree. I had wanted to mix gold and pink together for ages; not a traditionally festive colour combo but I loved curating lots of new bits and pieces for it. I’m glad I liked it in the end as the non-food baby came early, a few days after Christmas so that tree was lucky to come back down before Easter. So many people sacrificed so much last year, not coming home, not seeing friends and family, I do hope this Christmas is filled with fun and love and cheer. As best we can allow. Here’s to good company, happy meals shared, magical letters to Santa, clinking glasses, enjoying a yummy Christmas dinner, enjoying it even more if you’re not the one cooking it, and revelling in all the fun of the build-up. I hope it’s a peaceful and happy one for you and yours. Oh, and if anyone has a sec to come over and unknot the lights I’d be super grateful. Amy xx P.S. Thank you so much to all of you for listening in to our Mamia&Me podcast series and thanks so much for getting in touch and sending in your lovely messages. You are all on the Nice List! Don’t forget to subscribe where you listen to your podcasts so you know when a new episode is out!

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