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Gorilla 2-in-1 Super Glue

Gorilla Duct Tape

For long-lasting repairs in an instant. • Precision tip nozzle and fine bristle brush for control and accuracy • Holds together in approx. 10-45 seconds • Cures in approx. 24 hours • Formulated for increased impact resistance • Unique anti-clog cap with a metal pin • Bonds metal, wood, ceramic, leather, paper, rubber and most plastics €408.33 per litre

Stronger, tougher and thicker than the rest – guaranteed. • Sticks to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces, includingwood, stone, brick and metal • Made with double-thick adhesive • 100%waterproof and weatherproof

Multi-use oil with smart straw for accurate application. • Silicone free and anti-static • Repels dust and dirt €15.22 per litre WD-40 Oil

€5.89 each

€4.90 12ml

€2.74 180ml



Bathroom Unblocker/ Clean & Fresh

Destroy germs and nasty smells found in bins with a pleasant citrus fragrance. • Available in Orange and Lemongrass or Frangipani • Cleans and sanitises • Suitable for indoor or outdoor bins €6.86 per litre Bin Buddy Spray

• Removes pet stains and odours • For carpets and upholstery • Unique brush applicator for better results €5.28 per litre Dr. Beckmann Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Bathroom Unblocker is the one shot plughole unblocker for showers, baths and basins. • Targets bathroom blockages and slow draining water • Dissolves hair and soap scum Clean & Fresh Citrus Plughole Gel works to coat the bathroom and kitchen pipes, banishing nasty smells and helps to tackle stains in sinks and overflows. • Active, long-lasting fragrance • Deep down freshness €8.80 per litre

€3.43 650ml

€3.43 500ml

€2.64 300ml

Keep dirt outdoors this winter. • Rubber backed • Available in light grey, charcoal or Welcome print • Approx. 60 x 90cm Scraper Mat

Choose from 2 sets of 320-piece Chipboard Screws (PZ), 60-piece Stainless Machine Screws (Hex) or 320-piece Tapping Screws (PH2). Stainless Steel Screws

€3.92 set

€6.87 each

Stop the dirt from your outdoor space making its way into your home with a natural coir mat. Approx. 60 x 90cm. Large Coir Utility Mat

• Easy to clean and anti-limescale • Water saving gasket to use 50% less water • Choose from 4 models • Approx. 1.7m shower hose with standard shower connection and anti-twist rotating cone Multi-functional Shower Head

€9.82 each

€7.86 each

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