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Steam and clean.

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty €34.99 each Steam Mop

Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

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Everyday Amazing.

Sit down to something truly special with our selection of pure Irish lamb. However you like it, you’ll find a quality joint that’s full of natural flavour at Aldi. Fresh Irish lamb, any way you like it.

Easter OPENING HOURS For times at your local store visit easter-opening-hours GOOD FRIDAY 2 APRIL 9am – 10pm SATURDAY 3 APRIL 9am – 9pm EASTER SUNDAY

“With Easter Sunday approaching, a beautiful roast Irish lamb dinner is what is on the menu. Trisha’s TIPS

Aldi have an award- winning selection in store. If you want to have a rack of lamb, then the Premium West of Ireland Lamb Guard of Honour is amazing. Awarded 3 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2020, its rosemary and garlic salt rub guarantees an unrivalled taste each and every time. My favourite is the full leg of lamb. The lamb shanks are simply delicious and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the label and enjoy!” Trisha Lewis


Perfect with...

Rioja Reserva Rioja, with a touch of vanilla-scented oak, is lamb’s best friend.

Premium West of Ireland Lamb Guard of Honour

PremiumWest of Ireland Lamb Guard of Honour with rosemary and garlic salt rub. €19.99 per kg

€8.49 75cl

€19.99 1kg


We’re here to help If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Team at

Irish Full Lamb Leg A tender leg of Irish lamb, selected for its exceptional flavour. Season with salt and pepper, roast and rest for a succulent, traditional centrepiece. Avg. weight 2-3kg

Irish Half Lamb Leg A succulent half leg of Irish lamb, perfect for the Easter lunch. Avg. weight 1-1.5kg

€7.49 per kg

€7.49 per kg

Our guarantees. Warranties

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

provide breakdown and parts replacement cover. 60 Day Guarantee Relax, everything is covered visit

60 DAY guarantee

For details of your nearest store visit our website at or email our Customer Service Team on *Check pack for warranty details. The warranty may be available via the distributor or the manufacturer. All products purchased in an Aldi store are covered by a 60 day refund policy. Goods returned to a store must be accompanied by proof of purchase/till receipt and in original packaging if not defective. The Aldi refund policy does not affect customer statutory rights.



Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Easy Carve Irish Lamb Leg Choose from Flavoured or Stuffed. Avg. weight 1.4-1.6kg

Premium Irish Lamb Shanks

This Specially Selected succulent and tender shank of lamb has been marinated in Stout Gravy or Herb & Mint and placed in a cooking bag to allow it to be prepared to perfection. Simply place in the oven and roast for a true taste sensation. €9.93/€9.65 per kg

€14.49 per kg

€8.49 855g/880g



New Season Spring Irish Half Lamb Leg Avg. weight 1-1.3kg

Butcher’s Selection Irish Lamb Rack The simplicity of this rack of lamb is its true delight. Choose from a Garlic & Thyme Rub or Plain. €17.98 per kg

€12.99 per kg

€8.99 500g




You can’t mistake the amazing taste of an Irish roast. From turkey and beef to ham and duck, there’s a slice of quality for everyone this Easter. 100% Irish. 100% amazing.

Butcher’s Selection Fresh Irish Whole Turkey Fresh Irish turkey for a family-pleasing Easter meal.

Perfect with...

Australian Chardonnay

€8.99 3-3.99kg SMALL Serves 4-6 people. €3.00-€2.25 per kg

€15.49 4-4.99kg MEDIUM Serves 6-8 people. €3.87-€3.10 per kg

€18.99 5-5.99kg LARGE Serves 9-11 people. €3.80-€3.17 per kg

Luscious but crisp, ripe and buttery, this Oz white makes roast turkey taste even better.

€7.99 75cl

Butcher’s Selection Fresh Irish Turkey Crown Comes ready to cook in a foil tray. €9.99-€8.18 per kg

€17.99 1.8-2.2kg

Mini Turkey Roasting Joint

Irish turkey roasting joint with caramelised shallot and smoked bacon

Butcher’s Selection Fresh Irish Boned & Rolled Turkey Cook in the bag for added convenience. Choose from Sage & Onion Stuffing or Plain. €7.50 per kg

€12.99 1.2kg stuffing, ready to cook in a foil tray. €10.83 per kg

€14.99 2kg


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Angus Striploin Joint with Rosemary, Salt & Garlic Rub Meltingly tender striploin joint matured

€16.99 per kg for 30 days with a rosemary, salt and garlic rub. 1.1-1.4kg

€12.99 1.25kg Stuffing wrapped in Dry Cured Pancetta. €10.39 per kg Three Pork Irish Tenderloin Roast Choose from Chorizo Stuffing wrapped in Dry Cured Maple Smoked Streaky Bacon, or Shallot, Bacon & Parsley

40 Day Matured Irish Angus 3 Rib Roast Joint Extra mature rack of beef, tender and full of flavour. 2.5-3.5kg

€5.99 2kg A tender, succulent bird, full of flavour. €3.00 per kg Whole Silver Hill Irish Duck

€17.99 per kg

Butcher’s Selection Large Irish Ham Fillet Choose fromUnsmoked or Smoked. €3.66 per kg

Spiral Ham with Honey Glaze

Pre-cooked and carved

A spiral hamwith a delicious honey glaze. €11.42 per kg

€10.99 3kg

€19.99 1.75kg

Perfect with...

€7.49 75cl French Pinot Noir


Luxury chocolate perfectly crafted. Our most decadent chocolate eggs for your Easter celebrations.





Sensational Ruby chocolate with Rainforest Alliance Cocoa or indulgent Fairtrade Blonde chocolate. €33.25 per kg 1. Moser Roth Geo Egg €3.99 120g

Choose from Belgian 56%Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs and 2. Moser Roth Ripple Egg

3 pack of mini ripple eggs with milk, dark and white chocolate to enjoy. Perfect for when you just can’t choose! €26.62 per kg 3. Moser Roth Mini Ripple Eggs Tasting Selection

Large bag of foil-wrapped milk chocolate eggs. Choose from Milk Chocolate Truffle, Crispy Hazelnut or Hazelnut and Almond. €16.60 per kg 4. Moser Roth Finest Eggs €2.49 150g

Orange, Belgian White Chocolate & Forest Fruits or Belgian Milk Chocolate and Crunchy Salted Caramel. €24.95 per kg

€5.99 225g

€4.99 200g


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

“Caramelised white chocolate with honey, honeycomb and bee pollen, individually moulded and shaped before we hand decorate themwith gold lustre and filled mini chocolate bees.” CHIEF CHOCOLATE CREATOR Our hand-finished HIVE

Choose from Eton Mess, Popping Candy, Billionaire’s or Cookies & Cream. €19.95 per kg Dairyfine Easter Eggs

€3.99 200g

Beehive Egg

A luxurious salted Blonde chocolate egg with honeycomb pieces and bee pollen. Hand-finished with British honey caramel-filled bees and completewith 12 salted caramel truffles. €21.65 per kg

€12.99 600g

You might like to know we removed almost 2 million pieces of plastic from our packaging, including all black plastic and PVC, meaning we’ve used 29 tonnes less than we did in 2020. Amazing!

Moser Roth Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg

€7.99 270g €29.59 per kg Róisín’s Honeycomb Egg

Artisanal Easter eggs for true chocolate lovers. Choose from Dark, Milk or White combinations. €24.21 per kg

€7.99 330g


At Aldi, 100% of our delicious fish and seafood range is responsibly sourced. So, you and your family can enjoy a wide range of quality fish, whilst caring for the ocean. We stock 100% Irish hake all year round. What a catch! Local and sustainable seafood.

€2.99 250g €11.96 per kg Irish Hake Fillets

Our traceability story 100% Irish hake

Our hake is caught in Irish waters from Responsibly Fished fishing area FAO 27. All boats are registered in a fishery improvement project (FIP) in Ireland. The hake is then processed locally by our main fish processors in Carragaline, Co. Cork and Omeath, Co. Louth before appearing on shelves at an Aldi store. Look out for the logos.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating 2 portions of fish per week

Sustainable SEAFOOD

€12.76 per kg Cod Fillets

€2.99 240g €12.46 per kg Smoked Cod Fillets

By sourcing MSC products you are ensuring the seas are protected and future generations can enjoy seafood and oceans full of life.

€3.19 250g

Choose from Prawn Cocktail or Reduced Fat Prawn Cocktail. €11.45 per kg Prawn Cocktail

Cooked Coldwater Prawns

€1.99 100g €19.90 per kg

€2.29 200g


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

The traceability of Aldi's Wild Irish Hake and Irish Organic Salmon are independently verified using blockchain technology. Scan our QR codes to learn more about their story from sea to shelf

Our traceability story 100% Irish salmon

Meet our suppliers.

Our salmon is farmed off the coast of Ireland and then processed locally by our suppliers in Killala, Co. Mayo or Carragaline, Co. Cork before appearing in an Aldi store. Look out for the logos.


Irish Organic Smoked Salmon Choose from Cold or Hot Smoked. €36.90 per kg €3.69 100g

Carr & Sons, Killala, Co. Mayo

€5.99 240g €24.96 per kg Organic Irish Salmon Fillets


Responsibly sourced. 100% of our wild caught and farmed fish and seafood is responsibly sourced in all Aldi fresh, frozen and tinned fish and seafood product categories. Another great reason to enjoy our delicious products.

Morgans Fine Fish, Omeath, Co. Louth

Choose from Plain or Garlic & Herb. €16.61 per kg Raw and Peeled King Prawns

€4.19 230g €18.22 per kg Fresh Skinless Salmon Fillets

€2.99 180g

€2.69 250g €10.76 per kg Seafood Mix

Great source of Omega 3

Good Fish Processing, Carrigaline, Co. Cork


The winning wine collection. Our world-class selection of bottles are good enough to brighten any occasion this summer. The only question is, which one do you try first?








“At Easter, as always, Aldi have you covered for both delicious food and outstanding wines, essential parts of our celebration of this special season, as we welcome the spring and the hope that it brings in this challenging year.

1. Grapevine Pinot Grigio

“Rare white from a region famous for reds. The Viura grape, fresh and dry, meets toasty, spicy American oak. Great with roast chicken.” Tom Doorley. 3. Spanish Rioja Blanco

A dry Sauvignon with flavours of lemon and grapefruit. A perfect pairing for any fish dish. 2. Grapevine Sauvignon Blanc

Green apple and peach notes make this a beautifully refreshing Pinot Grigio. Pair with white fish for a light, spring meal.

€4.99 75cl

€4.99 75cl

€7.99 75cl

It’s a time for feasting as we look forward. Some of us will cook special family meals, some of us will take the easier route, but at Aldi there’s everything you need and quality is a guarantee. Of course, when it comes to wine, you can choose with confidence. I like to sum up the Aldi philosophy very simply: our wines taste a lot dearer than they actually cost. As for the range of styles, yet again we have you covered, plus plenty of pairing suggestions. You have enough to think about, so it’s good to know that the wine

6. Pays D’Herault Rosé

“An old favourite is back! Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre from the Southern Rhône, not unlike a Chateauneuf- du-Pape except in price. Great with steak.” Tom Doorley. 8. French Cairanne

A mediumwhite made sweet with notes of strawberry. A versatile wine that goes well with pork, fish and pasta. 7. Beachfront White Zinfandel

“A taste of the Med, this rosé in a delicate shade of pink is from vineyards around Montpellier. Dry, crisp with just a touch of raspberry. Great with prawns.” Tom Doorley.

is taken care of! Happy Easter!” Tom Doorley

€7.99 75cl

€9.49 75cl

€6.29 75cl


If you Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Spirits from €12.99.













1. Corley’s Dry Gin 70cl €13.99 2. Tamova Vodka 70cl €12.99 3. Ardfallen Blended Irish Whiskey 70cl €18.99 4. Old Hopking Spiced Rum 70cl €16.79

5. Chevalier Cognac VS 70cl €19.99 6. Napoleon Brandy 70cl €14.99

7. Highland Earl Scotch Whisky 70cl €14.99 8. Samuel Joe’s Bourbon Whiskey 70cl €14.49

4. Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

5. Ventoux Rosé

“Mediterranean sunshine in a bottle! This cheerful dry pink wine from just north of Marseille is fresh and summery. Great with salads.” Tom Doorley.

“Citrus, passion fruit, even nettles! There’s so much going on in this cool Chilean

Guinness/Carlsberg/ Heineken/Jameson

white. Great with goat’s cheese and asparagus.” Tom Doorley.

See in store for great price

€7.99 75cl

€7.99 75cl

Plum and black cherry give this Merlot a good body. Pair with pasta dishes or stews. 10. Grapevine Merlot

9. Valpolicella Ripasso

€4.99 75cl

“Valpolicella turbocharged! Smooth, blackberries and dark cherries, a touch of smoke. Great with meatballs and spaghetti.” Tom Doorley.

A medium bodied Malbec that pairs well with steak or pork, with a rich berry flavour. 11. Grapevine Malbec

€9.99 75cl

€4.99 75cl


These promotional products will be available subject to government guidelines at time

Steam and clean. Make light work of household chores with some simple solutions and a little steam heat.

Steam Mop

• Lightweight mop head is optimally shaped for effortless cleaning of all those hard-to-reach corners • High temperature steam helps kill most household germs and removes stubborn grease and grime from floors and carpets • Approx. 15 minutes’ runtime from a full water tank • Includes 2 washable Microfibre Wiping Pads, Carpet Glider and Measuring Cup

• Available in pink/black or teal/white • Approx. 350ml water tank capacity

€34.99 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty


of launch. Please check for up-to-date information.

Buy in store THUR 8 APR

Fabric Shaver Quickly and easily remove fabric pills, fuzz and lint from garments. • Adjustable cap for the most delicate garments • Includes Batteries and Cleaning Brush

€4.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Our range of Irish grown soft fruit bushes grow best in a sheltered spot. For best results, add compost and water during

dry spells and keep the label for pruning

instructions. If you’re short of outdoor space, simply plant your blueberries and gooseberries in large pots on the patio. Expect a full crop by the second year.

John Flanagan SAP Nurseries, Co. Tipperary

Irish Grown Soft Fruit Bush



Choose from Raspberry, Blackberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant, Green Gooseberry, Red Cranberry or Blueberry.

€3.99 each

Garment Steamer

Easy-to-use Garment Steamer. • Continuous vertical steam facility • Steam trigger button • LED indicator • Ready to use in 45 seconds • Removable water tank • Anti-drip • Includes Fabric Brush Attachment • Available in white/purple or black/grey

€19.99 each

Soft Grip Clothes Pegs

Gentle on laundry. • 36 pack of waterproof and rustproof pegs • Available in a variety of colours • Approx. 6.8 x 2.4cm

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

€3.99 36 pack


These promotional products will be available subject to government guidelines at time

Our powerful pressure washers are perfect for sprucing up the patio, decking slabs or drive. Take the pressure off.

Pressure Washer 2200W Pressure Washer with 2 wheels. • Max. 150 bar pressure • Includes 10m Pressure Hose and Telescopic Handle with height adjustment • Power cable length approx. 5m €99.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Patio and Wall Cleaner • 2 rotary, high pressure washing nozzles with plastic 200ml detergent tank • No splashback • Suitable for horizontal and vertical use • Universal attachment for use with most high pressure cleaners €19.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

• Easy to assemble • Lowmaintenance • UV stabilised • Easy access via front doors • Suitable for storing up to 2 wheelie bins, approx. 1270 litre capacity Garden Storage Unit

€129.99 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty


of launch. Please check for up-to-date information.

Buy in store SUN 11 APR

3 Piece Rope Bistro Set

€159.99 set

• Weather resistant 3 piece bistro set in anthracite with light grey accents on the chair weaving • Includes Table, Chairs and removable and washable Cushions in light grey

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Solar Pawprint Lights Ideal for lawns and borders. Choose from Dog or Cat Paw Print Lights with white LED and dusk sensor.

Steel Chimenea Contemporary Steel Chimenea with built-in log store complete with black high temperature powder-coated finish. • Choose from Square or Round design • 3 piece assembly • Approx. 360 x 360 x 1500mm

€6.99 each

Add some ambience and light up your garden with our range of solar-powered lights. Twilights.

€59.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Never take a portable barbecue – or lit charcoal – into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan due to the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal. Carbon-based fuels are safe to use. It is only when the fuel does not burn properly that excess CO is produced, which is poisonous. Watch out for these symptoms: Mild Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue or Drowsiness.


These promotional products will be available subject to government guidelines at time


§ Plants not included.

of launch. Please check for up-to-date information.

Buy in store SUN 11 APR

A peat-free, sustainable compost that helps plants thrive. Its natural properties make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight Compost

€4.99 each

Decorative Garden Stakes Decorative ornaments for your yard or garden. • Made from durable metal

Metal Plant Stand • Weather and frost resistant • Rust and UV proof • Available in black, white or green • Approx. 57 x 77 x 20cm €29.99 each

• Choose from 8 assorted designs

€3.99 each

Gardening Essentials Choose from 12 Gardening Essentials. €1.99 each

High grip, slip-resistant gloves with structured latex coating and elastic knitted cuff. • Available in green, red, pink, grey or dark green • Sizes S-XXL Garden Working Gloves

€2.99 each


These promotional products will be available subject to government guidelines at time

Tackle those tough jobs with heavy duty tools. BIG POWER, LITTLE PRICES.

Digital Bench Drill

• 230V ~ 50Hz, 720W • Quick drill chuck approx. 1.5-13mm • Drilling depth approx. 80mm • LCD digital display • Ergonomic handwheel • Aluminium base plate • Includes Height Pre-setting, LED Light, Cross Laser and Machine Vice

€154.99 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty


of launch. Please check for up-to-date information.

Buy in store SUN 11 APR

Drywall Sander • 240V~ 50Hz motor • Input power 750W • Grinding wheel diameter approx. 225m m • No load speed 1000-1800 r/min • Sandi ng plate with Velcro fastening system • Includes 4m Dust Extraction Hose and 6 Sanding Sheets of varying grit

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty €89.99 each

Key kit that’s compatible with the Activ Energy range. 20V Li-Ion Battery • Charge status indication with approx. 250 charge cycles

Choose from either 2 Large Clamps or 2 Small and 2 Medium Clamps. Quick Ratcheting Clamps

• Charging time approx. 45 minutes • 2.0Ah capacity

€20 each

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty

€7.99 set

Mobile Workshop with Drill

Mobile workshop includes 20V Cordless I 2 x 2.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries, Fast Charger, 20

mpact Drill,

6 piece Accessory Set and plastic Carry Case. €119.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty


These promotional products will be available subject to government guidelines at time

Fromworkwear to home essentials, we’ve got you covered. HOUSEHOLD HELPERS. Heavy duty indoor mat with a coir look but without shedding fibres, perfect for your doorway. • Sturdy rubber backing • Available in natural or black • Approx. 50 x 80 x 1.2cm Non-Shedding Scraper Mat

An all-weather, all-year-round mat that effectively removes grass and mud from shoes and boots. • Natural coir brushes wrapped around galvanised steel • Choose from Rectangular or Boot Scraper • Suitable for outdoor use Wiregrate Coir Mat

€5.99 each

€9.99 each

Easy- to-use ‘P’ handle design


of launch. Please check for up-to-date information.

Buy in store THUR 18 MAR S N 1 APR

Utility Sets Choose from Flat and Lock Washer, Hook and Eye, Screw and Plug or Nail Assortment.

€3.99 each

On sale Thur 15 Apr Cycling

Premium Brush Set 5 piece Premium Brush Set with wooden handles. • Easy to clean • Synthetic filaments for a fine finish with all paints • No bristle loss • Includes 2 x 1", 2 x 1.5" and 1 x 2" Brushes

€4.99 set

On sale Sun 18 Apr Mexican Menu

Indoor Camera Live stream camera with wide 90° viewing angle. • Set up and control via the Yale View app • 2-way audio talk option due to mic and speaker • Suitable for indoor use only • Includes Charger, USB Cable, Quick Guide and Fixing Pack

Aldi Gift Cards. Available in store and online.

€44.99 each

Our Gift Cards are a great way to pay for shopping in store. It’s a completely cashless payment option. They can be bought in store or online at giftcards There are 6 values that you can purchase – €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 or €500. Once you receive it, all you have to do is spend it like money in your local Aldi.

FREE 2 YEAR * warranty



Perfect for packed lunches

79 c 7 pack Funsize Bananas

49 c 150g Sugar Snap Peas


79 c


Perfect for packed lunches

Perfect for packed lunches

Red Grapes

Funsize Pears


78 c

79 c 250g

49 c 750g

79 c 5 pack PinKids® Apples

59 c


49 c each Cucumber

Perfect for packed lunches

Up to 55 % off 6 fresh fruit & veg offers every single week. Great for your 5-a-day.

22 Sugar Snap Peas 150g, €3.27 per kg. Funsize Bananas 7 pack, 11c each. Funsize Pears 750g, 65c per kg. Red Grapes 250g, €3.16 per kg. Cucumber, 49 each. PinKids® Apple 5 pack, 16c each. Fruit and Veg offers available from Thursday 8 April 2021 to Wednesday 14 April 2021. New offers start Thursday 15 April 2021. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers.

Enjoy amazing value on freshmeat every day, including our superb Bord Bia quality assured Irishmeats. to Ireland’s best fruit, veg, fish and meat offers.


Irish Angus Beef Burgers 2 Pack €1.99 280g €2.39

Irish Beef Mince 8% Fat €1.99 454g €2.45

Irish Chicken Breast Fillets

Whole Irish Chicken

€3.99 500g €4.49

€2.49 1.2kg €2.99

Fresh Salmon Fillets

Irish Pork Steak Fillet

€2.99 240g €3.75

€3.99 575g €4.49

Irish Beef Mince 8% Fat 454g, €4.38 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Angus Beef Burgers 2 Pack 280g, €7.11 per kg. Whole Irish Chicken 1.2kg, €2.08 per kg. Irish Chicken Breast Fillets 500g, €7.98 per kg. Fresh Salmon Fillets 240g, €12.46 per kg. Irish Pork Steak Fillet 575g, €6.94 per kg. Available from Thursday 1 April 2021 to Wednesday 14 April 2021 while stocks last. Photography shows serving suggestion.


€1.49 200g €2.29 Deli Style Crumbed Ham

Rice Cake Bars Milk Chocolate Coated

69 c 90g 99 c

Lighter Sliced Mild Red Cheese

€1.49 10 x 250ml €2.79 Kids Still Water

69 c 200g €1.49


Family Pan White

Paper Lunch Bags

69 c 800g 99 c

€1.49 50 pack €1.99

Up to 50

% off

Enjoy unbeatable value on groceries every day with our Amazing Grocery 6 offers. AVAILABLE FROM WED 7 APR– TUE 20APR WHILE STOCKS LAST

Deli Style Crumbed Ham 200g, €7.45 per kg. Rice Cake Bars Milk Chocolate Coated 90g, €7.67 per kg. Kids Still Water 10 x 250ml, 60c per litre. Lighter Sliced Irish Mild Red Cheese 200g, €3.45 per kg. Paper Lunch Bags 50 pack, 3c per item. Family Pan White 800g, 86c per kg. All offers are limited to 2 units per product per customer. Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion. Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change.



Every Week in Aldi

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