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The ultimate summer burger stack. As long as your burger is stacked with flavour, anything goes – but if you’re looking for perfection, these tips will help you reach burger bliss.

Plain Burger Buns

85 c 6 pack 14.2c each


Irish Quick Fry Beef Burgers €4.99 per kg €3.99 8 pack/800g

Irish Angus Beef Burgers with Bacon & Cheese Choose from Monterey Jack & Jalapeño or Creamy Cheese Melt. €8.67 per kg €3.99 460g

Irish Black Angus 6oz Reduced Fat Beef Burgers €10.56 per kg €3.59 340g

Seeded Brioche Burger Buns 37.3c each €1.49 4 pack


Vegetable/ Spicy Bean Burgers €3.72 per kg €1.69 454g

Seasoned Irish Chicken Burgers Smoky BBQ & Asian Style Sticky Ginger. €8.73 per kg €3.49 400g

The Meat The star of the show! Whether you’re eating beef, chicken or going veggie, you need a quality patty to make the ultimate burger. Which is why we’ve got such fantastic range to choose from. A few top burger making tips 1 Remove from the fridge 15 minutes before cooking to prevent the surface drying out when the cold meat hits a hot grill. This also results in a more even cook 2 Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat. It needs to be a medium to high heat, so at least 200°C – and the pan needs to smoke slightly 3 Remember, you’ll only need to flip a burger once, or perhaps twice at most 4 For the ideal cheese melt, add a slice just after you’ve flipped the burger 5 Rest the meat to allow it to relax and prevent the juices from escaping

Irish Beef Flavoured Quarter Pounders Choose from Habanero Chilli or Smokey BBQ. €7.69 per kg €3.49 454g

Irish Angus Ultimate 8oz Beef Burgers €8.13 per kg €3.69 454g


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

The BUN Not all buns are created equal. If it’s too soft it will fall apart, too hard and your fillings will end up on the table. Beef patties work better with soft buns, like brioche, which is always a winner on flavour and texture. A seeded bun will add some extra crunch and flavour. A chicken burger can work well with denser bread such as ciabatta. Whatever your bun choice, toast it in a hot, dry pan or under the grill for crunch and to help stop it from going soggy with sauces and juices. Top tip Add sauce to both sides of the bun to add extra flavour.

The TOPPINGs The ultimate texture and flavour can make or break your burger bliss. So, here are a few top tips before choosing your fillings. Top tip 1 Go for firm, ripe tomatoes that aren’t too pulpy (vine-ripened have great flavour) and slice thickly (around 5-6mm) 2 For optimal crunch go for whole iceberg lettuce leaves 3 For softer patties, such as fish or veggie, go for a light Butterhead lettuce 4 Avoid soggy buns by using whole lettuce leaves 5 Choose a firm cheese like mozzarella, cheddar or gouda, that doesn’t overpower the flavour

American BBQ Sauce €4.26 per litre €1.49 350ml

Irish Butterhead Lettuce 79 c each

Top with guacamole, pesto or houmous for extra deliciousness

For more burger ideas

Irish Vine Tomatoes €4.42 per kg €1.99 450g recipes

Irish Streaky Rashers Choose from Unsmoked or Hickory Smoked. €10.95 per kg €2.19 200g

Irish Medium Red Cheddar Slices €7.45 per kg €1.49 200g

American Style Mustard €4.58 per kg €1.49 325g

THE SAUCE Sauces are crucial. They offer sharpness, tanginess, sweetness or spice to your burger, helping to cut through all the richness. As well as a standard tomato or BBQ sauce, there are plenty of options to try from garlic and herb to fiery ketchup, or even mayonnaise. Top tip For fish or chicken burgers mix mayonnaise with chopped herbs, capers, pickles, chipotle chilli and lemon juice.

Matured Cheddar Cheese Coleslaw €6.77 per kg €1.49 220g Burger Topper Sauce Choose from Garlic & Herb, Fiery Ketchup or Bacon Mayo. €5.96 per kg €1.49 250ml

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Make veg the star of the show with these sizzling vegetarian ideas. No meat, summer eats.

Irish Cherry Vine Tomatoes €7.63 per kg €2.29 300g


49 c

Aubergine** 39 c



Fresh Corn Cobettes €4.98 per kg €1.99 400g

Quick and easy grilled salad. Whip up a tasty grilled salad this summer with our range of Super 6 veg like aubergine, Irish cherry vine tomatoes and fresh corn cobettes all at amazingly low prices.

Burgers Choose from Vegetable or Spicy Bean. €3.72 per kg €1.69 454g

Peri-Peri No Chicken Fillets/ Spicy No Chicken Burgers/ Katsu No Chicken Fillets €11.21 per kg €2.69 240g

Vegan Sausage Rolls €3.73 per kg €1.49 400g

Linda McCartney 6 Vegetarian Sausages Choose from Original or Red Onion & Rosemary. €5.52 per kg €1.49 270g

Salt & Vinegar No Fish Fillets €11.12 per kg €2.49 224g

** Offer from 4 August 2022 to 10 August 2022.


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Perfect for summer BBQs

Halloumi and veg skewers. The perfect BBQ choice! Stack up your skewers with delicious cubes of halloumi and cherry vine tomatoes and grill!

Halloumi €10.62 per kg €2.39 225g

Tofu Strips €15.50 per kg €2.79 180g

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Mozzarella Burgers €8.77 per kg €1.99 227g

Salad Choose from Tabbouleh or Cous Cous, Quinoa & Peppers. €10.41 per kg €2.29 220g

The Deli Noodle Salad Choose from Rice Noodle Salad or Thai Style Noodle Salad. €12.06/€10.76 per kg €1.99 165g/185g

Burger Slaw €6.63 per kg €1.99 300g

Smashed Avocado Choose from Classic or Spicy. €11.67 per kg

€1.75 150g


Serve and chill. Just pour a glass and relax in the sun.

Chilean Chardonnay €8.99 75cl

Picpoul de Pinet €8.99 75cl

Ventoux Rosé €8.99 75cl




Toscana Bianco €9.99 75cl

Portuguese Alvarinho €8.99 75cl



Mix it up this summer. Try a new tipple or create a fabulous cocktail with our amazing value spirits!



Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Discover a new summer favourite. Try our fantastic selection of craft beers – all amazing value, of course.


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Fill the kids’ favourite space with charming furniture and toys. Perfect playroom.

Join the Specialbuy-ers

Every THURSDAY and SUNDAY , here at Aldi, you’ll find an amazing mix of top quality, great value products. As they change EVERY week, stock is limited so you’ll have to be quick!

Marvel Figure

• 9.5" scale figures • Choose Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Miles Morales or Wolverine • Approx. 45 x 120 x 241mm • Suitable for ages 4+ years

€10.99 each

THURSDAY SPECIALBUYS Buy in store Thursday 4 Aug

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#AldiEverydayAmazing Specialbuys available in all stores. Email our Customer Service Team for more details. Prices are correct at time of going to print but are subject to change.

• Includes Bowl, Cup, Plate, Fork and Spoon • Choose from Rainbow, Crocodile or Zebra Children’s Melamine Dinner Set

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€6.99 set

We’re here to help If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Team at

Our guarantees. Warranties

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

provide breakdown and parts replacement cover. 60 Day Guarantee Relax, everything is covered visit

60 DAY guarantee

For details of your nearest store visit our website at or email our Customer Service Team on *Check pack for warranty details. The warranty may be available via the distributor or the manufacturer. All products purchased in an Aldi store are covered by a 60 day refund policy. Goods returned to a store must be accompanied by proof of purchase/till receipt and in original packaging if not defective. The Aldi refund policy does not affect customer statutory rights.


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Buy in store THUR 4 AUG

• Each set includes 25 Animals and 25 Accessories • Choose from Farm, Aquatic, Dinosaurs or Wild Animals Animal Figure Toys €8.49 each

Hand-woven, foldable basket. • Available in 3 designs • Approx. 32 x 25cm Small Seagrass Basket

€7.99 each

Contents not included.

Children’s Soft Toy

• Lovable plush toy • Choose from Rainbow, Crocodile, Whale, green or grey Dinosaur, or Bear

€5.99 each

• Lovely cuddly toy to snuggle up with • Suitable for ages 12+ months Hanging Sloth/ Monkey Soft Toy

€7.99 each

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Keep your feathered friends happy and create a beautiful outdoor space. Garden paradise.

Hanging Wooden Bird Table

• Made from FSC®-certified fir wood with rope hanger • Approx. 26 x 27.9 x 22.2cm

€11.99 each

• Hand-painted detailing, brightly coloured glass bird bath on a metal stake • Ideal statement piece • Available in yellow or purple detail 3D Peacock Bird Bath

€14.99 each


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Buy in store THUR 4 AUG

Every Thursday, Aldi will be stocking an exciting new range of plants – exclusive to Aldi and grown in association with Bord Bia quality assured nurseries.

Our grower’s top tip!

Sunflowers grow best in full, bright sun and in evenly moist, well-drained soil. Grow your sunflower near a tall fence or wall, to protect it from direct wind.

Sean Grimes Uniplumo, Co. Dublin

Portable Outdoor Heater

Irish Grown Sunflower €3.99 each

€89.99 each lamp. • Built-in carry handle • On/off switch • Approx. 1.8m cable Portable patio heater with 1200W halogen heating


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Our grower’s top tip!

Our Irish grown Hydrangeas can be planted and enjoyed in the garden or a large pot on a patio. They will grow happily in sun or partial shade and should be well watered at all times. After flowering, leave the flower heads on the plants through the winter to protect from frost. Remove them in early spring by pruning back to the first pair of healthy new shoots. The flower colour of blue and pink Hydrangeas changes with the soil type. In acid soil the flowers will be blue, while in alkaline soil they will be pink or red.

John Flanagan SAP, Co. Tipperary

23cm Irish Grown Hydrangea €9.99 each

Olive Tree • Olive Tree in a 21cm terracotta pot • Approx. 90-100cm height €24.99 each


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• Simply attach to your hose – no need for a pressure washer • Choose from Demon Foam for cleaning in a fraction of the time, or Demon Shine for a ‘just waxed’ finish €4.99 per litre Demon Car Cleaning Foam/Shine

€9.99 2 litres

Dr. Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover

Removes stubborn stains on car upholstery. €9.98 per litre

€3.99 400ml


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Buy in store THUR 4 AUG

Ready-mixed screen wash with berry scent. • Removes road grime, dust, tree sap and dirt • Contains an anti-smear agent to prevent haze 70c per litre Scented Screen Wash


Reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions produced by diesel engines by adding to your car’s dedicated AdBlue tank. • Improves fuel economy • Easy-pour flexible spout • Suitable for all vehicles fitted with SCR systems €1.69 per litre

€3.49 5 litres

€16.99 10 litres

• Cleans the fuel system, helps reduce emissions, restores performance and improves fuel economy • Choose from Petrol or Diesel €1.40 per 100ml Redex Twin Pack

€6.99 2 x 250ml

• Refresh your paintwork for a flawless shine • Choose from T-Cut Rapid Scratch Remover or T-Cut Colour Fast Car Polish in black or white T-Cut Assortment

Car Touch Up Kit Choose from Car Paint Scratch Remover, Headlight Restoration Kit, Rim Repair Kit or Windshield Repair Kit.

€7.99 each

€5.99 each

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Get them ready for class with all the equipment they need. Ready to learn.

Wipe Clean Book • Includes Wipe-Clean Pen for readers to write with and wipe off • Choose from Help with Numbers or Letters for ages 3+ years, or Handwriting or Reading for ages 5+ years €3.99 each

Bumper Workbook • Includes Gold Star Stickers and Reward Chart • Choose from English and Maths for ages 3+, 5+, 7+ or 9+ years €3.99 each

Reward Sticker/Charts • Encourages good behaviour and promotes independence • Choose from Reward Chart or Sticker Pack in Jungle, Mermaid or Generic designs

€2.99 each

Calculator €7.99 each

• Auto power-off • Replaceable batteries

Juice Mobile Cables Braided cables for all types of charging. • Choose from USB Type C, Micro USB or Apple Lightning connections • Approx. 1m €5.99 each FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

A4 Colour Paper Pack Choose from 230 pack of Pastel, Brights or Neon Paper or 70 pack of Coloured Card.

€4.99 each


Paint Sticks/Chalks Choose from Chunky Paint Sticks in Bright or Metallic, or Jumbo Chalks in Pastel or Bright.

Parker Pen/ Ink Cartridges Choose from Jotter Original Ballpoint Pen, Vector Fountain Pen, or black or blue Ink Cartridges. €6.99 each

€2.99 6/20 pack

On sale Thur 4 Aug


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Buy in store SUN 7 AUG

10 Pack Aisling 88 Page Writing Copy Books Ideal for homework and writing notes, each page is ruled with margins. €3.89 10 pack

10 Pack Aisling 120 Page Writing Copy Books Keep on writing, with 120 pages ruled with margins. €3.99 10 pack

3 Pack A4 Spiral Notebooks €4.99 3 pack

10 Pack Aisling 88 Page Sum Copy Books €3.99 10 pack

Whiteboard Markers €2.99 8 pack

40 c donation to Barnardos

Supreme Assorted Pens €1.79 10 pack

Supreme 9 Piece Stationery Set €1.79 set

Supreme 12 Twistable Crayons €2.99 12 pack

Supreme Colouring Pencils €1.49 12 pack

Supreme 200 Page Project Pad €4.99 each

40 c donation to Barnardos

6 Pack HB Pencils Ever-useful HB Pencils, complete with grips and erasers. €1.99 6 pack

Pastel/Neon Highlighters €1.79 24 pack

12 Pack Colouring Markers €1.99 12 pack

4 Colour Pen + Free Highlighter €1.99 3 pack

Scrap Book €1.99 each

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Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle/Cup Double-walled and vacuum sealed to keep drinks cold or hot. • Choose from approx. 500ml Hydration Bottle or Soda Cup • Available in lilac marble effect, leaf, black and white spot design, or grey

Printed Nestable Lunch Box Set 4 piece set of lunch boxes. • Choose from Dots, Dinosaurs or Unicorns designs • Boxes approx. 13.5 x 13.5 x 6cm, 12 x 12 x 5.6cm, 10.5 x 10.5 x 5cm and 9 x 9 x 4.5cm

€5.99 set

€4.99 each

Science Kits

Choose from Remarkable Robotics, Incredible Electricity, Mighty Geology, Captivating Chemistry or Earth Kits.

Licensed Stationery Choose from Stationery Set, Pencil Case or 10 pack of Gel Pens in Marvel, Rainbow Princess, Black & Gold Mickey or Princess Celebration designs.

€9.99 each

€2.79 each


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Buy in store SUN 7 AUG

Character Drinkware

Choose from Minecraft, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Blippi, Rainbow High, Batman, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter Sip and Snack or Harry Potter 600ml bottle.

Gaming Drink Assortment €4.99 each

Sistema 3-in-1 Lunch Set

€4.99 each

• Includes approx. 480ml Twist and Sip Bottle and approx. 1.1 litre Lunch Box with Compartments and Screw Top Snack Pot • Available in blue, pink or green

€8.99 set

Lunch Bag

• Foldable lunch bag in wipe-clean fabric • Choose from Flap or Personal Cooler shape in 4 designs

€5.99 each

Licensed Lunch Bag Choose from Minecraft, PlayStation, Xbox, Friends or Harry Potter designs. €6.99 each

Licensed Lunchbag & Bottle Choose from Peppa Pig, Blippi, Batman, Minecraft, Pokémon or My Little Pony. €7.99 set

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Discover easy ways to transform your furniture and give old items a new lease of life.

Refresh old furniture

Chalk Paint/Furniture Wax

Essentials for upcycling Step one

Chalk Paint • Water-based paint suitable for wood, brick, stone, plaster and metal • Available in dove grey, cream, sage green, white, charcoal or navy Furniture Wax • Clear and colourless designed to protect painted furniture • Suitable for use with Chalk Paint

• Prep your piece of furniture by sanding all over to remove old finishes or paint and create a smooth surface Step two • Wipe down your furniture with diluted sugar soap and a dry cloth for a clean surface Step three • Apply chalk paint with a small roller and our range of brush packs to cover the piece evenly. Wait to dry and recoat, lightly sanding in-between coats Step four • Protect your new paintwork with the chalk paint and furniture wax. Apply with a brush or lint-free cloth, then leave to dry Step five • Add any extra detailing and personal finishing touches like embellishment with our glue gun

€7.99 each






Choose from 2 pack Extra Large Round Brushes, or 6 pack Assorted Round Brushes with 1 Large, 2 Medium and 3 Small. Sash Brushes

€8.99 2 pack/6 pack

Choose from 19 different tapes in various colours and designs. Tape Selection

€3.99 each


Buy in store SUN 7 AUG

Don’t miss out next week...

Men’s Work Shorts • Belt loops • Debossed button • Cargo pockets on both sides and phone pocket on one side • Side pockets • 2 patch pockets • Available in black, navy or natural • 32-40" waist €12.99 each

On sale Thur 11 Aug

Battery Platform

• Create the perfect finish • Choose from Silver, Gold, Copper, Rose Gold, Black Nickel, Metal or Champagne effects, or Clear Lacquer Assorted Effect Sprays


€5.99 each


On sale Sun 14 Aug


Summer Kitchen


• Accurate and easy to use • Bonds in seconds • Choose from 20W Glue Gun with stand and 3 approx. 100mm glue sticks, or 24 pack of approx. 200mm glue sticks Glue Gun Assortment

Start saving for Christmas, pick up and load up your card in store.

€5.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Punch/Chisel & Punch/ Brick Bolster/Cold Chisel Choose from 6 piece Punch Set, 6 piece Chisel

& Punch set, 100mm Brick Bolster or 25mm Cold Chisel.

€7.99 set/each

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Mamia Nappies Size 7


€1.99 22 pack

2 Bacon & Cheese Wraps


€1.29 194g

Mini Delights


€1.29 200g


Taco Sauce/ Flavoured Mayonnaise €1.49

€1.29 435g

Irish Turkey/ Chicken


€1.29 5 x 57g Mini Viennese Ice Cream Bars

€1.99 130g


Nappies Size 7 22 pack, 9c each. 2 Bacon & Cheese Wraps 194g, €6.65 per kg. Mini Delights 200g, €6.45 per kg. Taco Sauce/Flavoured Mayonnaise 435g, €2.97 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Turkey/Chicken 130g, €15.31 per kg. Mini Viennese Ice Cream Bars 5 x 57ml €4.53 per litre. All offers are limited to 6 units per product per customer. Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion. Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change. Mamia, Ireland’s favourite nappy range AVAILABLE FROM WED 3 AUG – TUE 16 AUG WHILE STOCKS LAST

Up to 35

% off


Amazing offers Everyday


Flavoured Irish Angus Beef Burgers Choose from Sea Salt & Black Pepper or Memphis BBQ Flavour.

€2.99 280g

Irish Low Fat Mince 3% Fat Family Pack

Irish Pulled Pork Joint Choose from BBQ or Asian Sauce.

€4.99 per kg

€6.19 650g

Flavoured Irish Angus Beef Burgers 280g, €10.68 per kg. Irish Pulled Pork Joint 900g-1.2kg, €4.99 per kg. Irish Low Fat Mince 3% Fat Family Pack 650g, €9.52 per kg. Available from Thursday 4 August 2022 while stocks last. Photography shows serving suggestion.





99 c

49 c

Carrots 59 c

Aubergine 39 c




Loose Red Pepper 39 c

89 c

49 c

Loose Avocado 59 c




Cooked Beetroot 39 c

55 c

89 c

Mangetout 59 c



Your summer festivities start here.

Carrots 1kg, 59c per kg. Aubergine, 39c each. Loose Avocado, 59c each. Loose Red Pepper 39c each. Mangetout 150g, €3.93 per kg. Cooked Beetroot 500g, 78c per kg. Fruit and Veg offers available from Thursday 4 August 2022 to Wednesday 10 August 2022. New offers start Thursday 11 August 2022. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers. Fresh Guarantee – terms and conditions apply, please see




King Prawns Choose from Plain or Garlic & Herb. €3.29

Turkey Rashers Choose from Unsmoked or Smoked.


€2.89 180g

€1.99 150g

Irish Bacon Medallion Steaks Choose from

Irish Dry Aged Angus Rib Steak Burgers €3.99

Marinated Quick Cook Chicken Choose from Piri Piri or Garlic & Herb. €3.79

Unsmoked or Smoked.


€3.49 227g

€2.99 300g

€3.29 300g

Irish Striploin Steaks

Irish Lean Round Steak Mince 4% Fat Family Pack €6.29


€9.99 650g/4 pack

€5.59 800g

Turkey Rashers 150g, €13.27 per kg. King Prawns 180g, €16.06 per kg. Irish Bacon Medallion Steaks 300g, €9.97 per kg. Marinated Quick Cook Chicken 300g, €10.97 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Dry Aged Angus Rib Steak Burgers 227g, €15.37 per kg. Irish Lean Round Steak Mince 4% Fat Family Pack 800g, €6.99 per kg. Irish Striploin Steaks 650g/4 pack, €15.37 per kg. Available from Thursday 4 August 2022 to Wednesday 17 August 2022 while stocks last.


Tickets to be won every week.

Spend €40 ^ or more, snap your receipt, and upload to

Promotion from 25 June to 11 September 2022. Spend €40 in any Aldi store. ^Promotion excludes alcohol. Upload your receipt to win at 18+ years, ROI only. See prizes and full T&Cs at

You can find all this week’s amazing Specialbuys online. It’s super easy – simply scan the QR code on your phone and it will take you directly to our online leaflet. Enjoy!



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