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• Ideal for seed propagation, growing flowers or vegetables • Easy assembly • Roll-up zip door with 2 securing ties • 6 shelves Walk-in Greenhouse €39.99 each ONLY FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Oakwood Trough/ Barrel Planter

• Trough approx. 60 x 34 x 25cm • Barrel approx. 49 x 24.5cm

€16.99 each ONLY

• C hoose a spot that gets plenty of sunlight to place your planter • Leave space between flowers to allow room for growth • S ecure plants with compost, making sure no roots are showing • Water plants thoroughly until water runs out of the bottom • Water plants every 3 days

Plant not included.


Telescopic Lopper/Shears

Carbon steel and comfort grip • Choose from Telescopic Anvil Lopper, Telescopic Bypass Lopper or Telescopic Hedge Shears • Telescopic Anvil Lopper max. cutting capacity approx. 40mm • Telescopic Bypass Lopper max. cutting capacity approx. 40mm • Telescopic Hedge Shears max. cutting capacity approx. 6mm

€14.99 ONLY each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty



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