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Our pledge to plant 1 million trees. By 2025 we’ve committed to planting 1 million native hardwood trees in Ireland.

Reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable is very important to us. We’ve been working hard to reduce carbon emissions and protect local biodiversity, making Aldi ‘Greener’ Everyday. So far, we have planted over 540,000 native hardwood trees across Ireland as part of our pledge to plant 1 million trees by 2025 in conjunction with Green Belt. Our pledge will help by: • Removing 160,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere • Creating a wildlife corridor for local species • Enhancing biodiversity in the area Plant your own. You can help care for your wildlife and environment at home with our range of plant- your-own bushes, pollinators and hedging.

This collection of trees are all excellent sources of food for pollinators of all types. • Plant a selection of trees to provide a food source over a long period • Choose from Alder, Flowering Crab, Hawthorn, Field Maple or Snowy Mespilis varieties Irish Grown Trees for Pollinators

€11.99 each ONLY


Irish Grown Traditional Hedging €7.99 each ONLY


Irish Grown Senetti Plant

€5.99 each ONLY


Springtime Planter

2 Litre Ranunculus Plants

€9.99 each ONLY

each €3.99 ONLY

50 c donated from each bouquet

Daffodil Day Bumper Bouquet

Help us support Irish Cancer Society’s biggest fundraiser, Daffodil Day, on 24 March. Every bouquet sold donates 50c!

€3.79 each ONLY


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