ALDI IE Thur 1 Jun / Sun 4 Jun

More bark for your buck. Your cuddly companions will be pawing for more with our range of delicious treats and chews.

Double-Walled Pet Bowl

Choose from grey Cat, grey Paw, blue Paw or black Rectangular designs. Pet Feeding Mat €5.99 each ONLY

• Non-slip base • Dishwasher safe • Approx. 17.5 x 7.5cm • Capacity approx. 1260ml

€7.99 each ONLY

Wagg Bumper Dog Treats

Choose from Duck or Chicken Fillets natural treats or Chicken or Meaty Langham’s Bumper Dog Treats

Choose from Sausage & Mash or Training Treats. €9.98 per kg

Variety Pack treats. €16.73/€20.91 per kg

€4.99 500g ONLY

€6.69 400g/320g ONLY


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