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Take care of all of your cat’s needs at amazing Aldi prices. Feline fine.

Choose from Beef or Chicken. €1.00 per kg Complete Food €14.99 15kg ONLY

 Toothbrush Dental Dog Chews

€27.75 per kg

€9.99 360g ONLY

Pawsome Pockets/ Marvellous Mix Goody Bag

Choose from Pawsome Pockets with Catnip or Mixed Chicken, Turkey & Duck flavours or Marvellous Mix with Fish

or Poultry flavours. €12.09/€11.40 per kg

€3.99 330g/350g ONLY

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Yummies Freeze Dried Cat Treats

• Includes 2g Cat Nip • Choose from Curved or Fish Shaped in Camo, Flower or Leopard designs


€1.59 30g/10g ONLY €5.30/€15.90 per kg

€17.67 per kg Bakers Sizzlers €1.59 90g ONLY

€3.99 each ONLY



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