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Easter bakes with Catherine Fulvio.

Ireland’s most sustainable & reputable supermarket

Everyday Amazing.

The finest fish. The ultimate catch for Easter.

Choose from delicate smoked salmon to Irish crab meat to serve up this season.


€19.97 per kg €5.99 300g

€13.99 75cl ITALY ORGANIC PROSECCO Perfect with...

€7.37 per kg €1.99 270g FISHCAKES

€28.50 per kg ON SALE 11 APR €3.99 140g IRISH CRAB MEAT


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

ON SALE 14 APR €9.99 per kg 2-3kg WHOLE SALMON

€11.09 per kg €4.99 450g COD FILLETS FAMILY PACK

€24.96 per kg €5.99 240g ORGANIC IRISH SALMON FILLETS

€10.76 per kg €2.69 250g SEAFOOD MIX

€2.19 250g Smoked Coley Fillets €2.69

€8.76 per kg

Offer from 31 March 2022 to 18 April 2022.


Award-winning Irish lamb Everyone’s Easter favourite. Choose from our range of beautifully tender Irish lamb for an unforgettable Easter feast.

Extra matured with rosemary and garlic salt rub. ON SALE 12 APR €22.99 1kg PREMIUM WEST OF IRELAND LAMB GUARD OF HONOUR

Perfect with...




A tender leg of Irish lamb, selected for its exceptional flavour. Season with salt and pepper, roast and rest for a succulent, traditional centrepiece.

A succulent half leg of Irish lamb, perfect for your Easter lunch.

ON SALE 11 APR €8.39 per kg Avg. weight 1.25kg

ON SALE 5 APR €8.39 per kg Avg. weight 2.5kg


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON


ON SALE 12 APR €12.99 per kg Avg. weight 2.3kg



This Specially Selected succulent and tender cook-in-the-bag shank of lamb has beenmarinated in Stout Gravy or Herb & Mint and placed in a cooking bag to allow

it to be prepared to perfection. Simply place in the oven and roast for a true taste sensation.

€10.78/€11.10 per kg ON SALE 12 APR

€9.49 880g/855g



ON SALE 12 APR €13.99 per kg Avg. weight 1.15kg


The simplicity of this rack of lamb is its true delight. Choose from a Garlic & Thyme Rub or Plain. €20.98 per kg

ON SALE 12 APR €10.49 500g



Rosemary With its woody flavour, rosemary is the perfect companion to your favourite lamb dish

This leg of lamb is cut and boned for ease of carving. Choose from a delightful Apricot, Rosemary & Ciabatta Stuffing or a delicious Garlic & Sea Salt Rub with

Peppercorn Butter. ON SALE 12 APR €15.99 per kg Avg. weight 1.5kg

Perfect with...



Get the family together. An Irish roast with the most. You can’t let Easter come and go without sitting down for a traditional roast. Choose from fresh Irish turkey, tender duck, juicy pork tenderloin or flavourful traditional ham.


A meltingly tender striploin joint complemented by a smoked sea salt & peppercorn rub. Serves 6-8 people. 1.1-1.4kg ON SALE 12 APR €18.99 per kg

Perfect with...



Fresh Irish turkey for a family-pleasing Easter meal. ON SALE 12 APR SMALL

MEDIUM Serves 6-8 people. €4.00-€3.20 per kg €15.99 4-4.99kg

LARGE Serves 9-11 people. €4.00-€3.34 per kg €19.99 5-5.99kg

Serves 4-6 people. €3.33-€2.50 per kg €9.99 3-3.99kg


€11.42 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €19.99 1.75kg

Cook-in-the-bag for added convenience. Choose from Sage & Onion Stuffing or Plain. €8.00 per kg BUTCHER’S SELECTION FRESH IRISH BONED & ROLLED TURKEY

ON SALE 12 APR €15.99 2kg


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Comes ready to cook in a foil tray. €11.11-€9.09 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €19.99 1.8-2.2kg BUTCHER’S SELECTION FRESH IRISH TURKEY CROWN

A premium roast completed with a Tipperary boutique distillery whiskey andmushroom sauce. 1.25-1.7kg ON SALE 12 APR €29.99 per kg EXQUISITE 40 DAY MATURED DRY AGED TIPPERARY BLACK ANGUS RIB EYE JOINT


A tender, succulent bird, full of flavour. €3.18 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €6.99 2.2kg

Succulent cooked Irish hamglazed with honey and studded with cloves. €13.32 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €9.99 750g HONEY AND CLOVE COOKED IRISH HAM

A full of flavour ham fillet, perfect boiled or roasted. Choose from Unsmoked/ Smoked. €3.66 per kg BUTCHER’S SELECTION IRISH HAM FILLET

ON SALE 4 APR €10.99 3kg


Choose from Chorizo Stuffing wrapped in Dry Cured Maple Smoked Streaky Bacon, or Shallot, Bacon & Parsley

Stuffing wrapped in Dry Cured Pancetta. €10.39 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €12.99 1.25kg


Something sweet to finish. When it comes to sweets we really shine. With so many delicious desserts in our collection, you’ll want to try them all.

From the freezer

Choose from Strawberry Cheesecake or Millionaire’s Shortbread. €2.17 per litre €1.95 900ml ICE CREAM DESSERT

Perfect for sharing!






Chocolate mousse layered with chocolate sponge, chocolate custard and toppedwith cream andegg fondant. €5.98 per kg

Choose from Sicilian Lemon Posset, Belgian Chocolate Ganache or Salted Caramel & Belgian Chocolate Ganache. €14.33 per kg €1.29 90g

ON SALE 12 APR €2.99 500g

Photography shows serving suggestion.


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON


€5.98 per kg €2.69 450g

€4.15 per kg €2.99 720g GRÁINNE’S APPLE TART


€8.14 per kg €1.79 220g


Classic bread and butter pudding with a twist. €6.65 per kg


ON SALE 12 APR €3.99 600g

€8.77 per kg €1.99 227g IRISH STRAWBERRIES

€9.48 per kg ON SALE 12 APR €3.79 400g


ˆProduct not sold in ceramic dish.


Easy Pants XL Size 6

Coconut Oil



€1.59 18 pack

€1.59 300ml

Multivitamin Juice



99 c 375g Craze


99 c 1 litre

€1.29 90g Róisín’s Filled Bars Choose from Salted Caramel, Valencia Orange or Hazelnut.

Up to 50

€1.29 10 pack Chocolate Mini Rolls


% off


Enjoy unbeatable value on groceries every day with our Amazing Grocery 6 offers. AVAILABLE FROM WED 30MAR– TUE 12 APR WHILE STOCKS LAST

Easy Pants XL Size 6 18 pack, 8.8c per nappy. Coconut Oil 300ml, €5.30 per litre. Multivitamin Juice 1 litre, 99c per litre. Craze 375g, €2.64 per kg. Chocolate Mini Rolls 10 pack, 12.9c each. Róisín’s Filled Bars 90g, €14.33 per kg. All offers are limited to 6 units per product per customer. Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion. Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change.


Book your Easter

Easter collection slots available.

Selected stores only.


Perfect Easter wines. Celebrate Easter in style with some of our finest reds, fruitiest rosés and crispest whites from our Specially Selected range.







1. Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon ¤7.99 75cl CHILE

2. Reserva Merlot ¤7.99 75cl CHILE

3. Shiraz ¤8.58 75cl AUSTRALIA

4. Malbec ¤8.29 75cl ARGENTINA

5. Barolo ¤14.99 75cl ITALY


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

12. Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

11. Pouilly-Fumé ¤14.99 75cl FRANCE

Extra Dry DOCG ¤12.99 75cl ITALY







7. Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé ¤9.49 75cl FRANCE

10. Clare Valley Riesling ¤8.99 75cl AUSTRALIA

6. Valpolicella ¤9.99 75cl ITALY

8. Sauvignon Blanc ¤9.49 75cl NEW ZEALAND

9. Gavi ¤8.99 75cl ITALY


The big Easter bake. We’ve got everything you need to make the perfect homemade Easter treats.

59.5c per kg €1.19 2kg SELF RAISING FLOUR

23c per egg €1.39 6 pack BARN EGGS

€6.76 per kg €1.69 250g COCOA POWDER


€23.42 per litre 89 c 38ml FLAVOURINGS

€1.18 per kg 59 c 500g ICING SUGAR

Aldi Chocolate Easter Cake SERVES 6-8 | PREP 15-17 MINS | COOK 30 MINS

Ingredients For the cake • 4 Eggs • 100g Caster Sugar • 100g Self Raising Flour • 1tsp Vanilla Essence • 30g Cocoa Powder For the filling • 150ml Double Cream • 1tsp Icing Sugar For the chocolateganache • 225g Milk Chocolate (broken into small pieces) • 125ml Double Cream • 25g Butter For the chocolatenest • 100g Dark/Milk Chocolate • Ball of Parchment Paper, around the size of a tennis ball • 1 bag of Mini Easter Eggs

Method Pre -heat the oven to 180 o C. Butter the base and sides of 2 x 20cm round sandwich tins and cover the bases with baking parchment. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs and caster sugar until pale and fluffy. Add in the vanilla essence. Gently stir in the sifted self-raising flour and cocoa powder. Divide the mixture between the 2 prepared cake tins. Bake for 15-17 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Turn out onto a wire tray and allow to cool completely. In a bowl, whisk the cream and icing sugar to form soft peaks and set aside. Gently heat the cream in a saucepan and add the milk chocolate. Remove from the heat and stir before adding the butter. Set aside. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Scrunch up the parchment paper to make a ball and push down on it to create a nest shape and turn upside down. Next, take a spoonful of melted chocolate and drizzle over the upside down parchment paper. Continue to drizzle the chocolate until it resembles a nest. Put aside in the fridge to allow it to cool and set. Once set gently paper and set aside. Set aside. To assemble the cake Place the first sponge on a cake stand or serving plate. Spread on the cream filling and place the next sponge on top. Pour the chocolate Ganache over the top of the cake and around the edges, letting it drip down the sides. Using a palette knife, spread it evenly over the top and sides of the cake and allow to set. Place the set chocolate nest on top and fill with mini Easter eggs. Decorate with Easter chicks and ribbons as desired.


€9.50 per kg 95 c 100g LUXURY CHOCOLATE

€6.56 per kg €1.49 227g

€11.29/€9.40 per kg 79 c 70g/84g MINI FILLED CHARACTERS/ EASTER EGGS

€4.00 per litre €1 250ml DOUBLE CREAM


Amazing range in store THIS SEASON

Homemade Easter pud. The perfect family treat.

What’s better for an Easter treat than homemade hot cross bun pudding? No need to be cross, it’s easy and delicious.

Hot Cross Bun Vanilla Baked Pudding SERVES 6 | PREP 15 MINS | COOK 35 MINS

Ingredients • 6 Hot Cross Buns • 600ml Irish Double Cream • 4 large Egg Yolks • 100g Caster Sugar

• 30g Flaked Almonds • 30g Sultanas • 40g Unsalted Butter • 1 tsp Vanilla Essence • 40ml Amaretto

You’ll need 40 x 20cm Baking Dish Method Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4.

Cut the hot cross buns in half and spread themwith the butter, then close them up again, and place in the baking dish. Whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar together until the mixture turns pale and thickens. Put the cream into a small saucepan and gently bring to the boil, stirring as you do. Make sure that the cream doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan. Pour the boiling cream over the egg yolk mixture and whisk well. Add the Amaretto and the vanilla essence and whisk some more. Sprinkle the sultanas and the almonds over and around the hot cross buns. Pour over the custard mixture. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until golden and just set.


Due to the current disruptions to global


An eggcellent Easter bake. Whip up some delicious treats with the family this Easter.

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The Pantry Rainbow Cake Mix Choose from Classic or Mythical. €4.49 1kg

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Buy in store THUR 7 APR

Classic Stand Mixer • 800W • Rotary switch with 8 speed levels plus pulse function • Dishwasher safe accessory set includes Whisk, Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Splash Guard • Available in pistachio, gunmetal or frosted pearl • Approx. 39 x 31.4 x 23cm • Approx. 5 litre stainless steel bowl €69.99 each

Expandable Cake Container • Suitable for cake storing and carrying • Features carry handle and 3 locking side clips • Available in grey or purple • Can be adjusted from approx. 13.5-22.5cm €12.99 each


Flat Beater

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Dough Hook


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Mini Baking Tool Set 5 piece mini tool set with

spoontula, brush, turner, whisk and spatula in pastels or brights. €5.99 set

Icing Syringe/Cookie Cutters • Choose from Icing Syringe with Nozzles or Set of 5 Cookie Cutters in either round, spring characters or mixed designs • Available in stainless steel or powder- coated finish €3.99 each/5 pack COMING SOON

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Measuring Spoons/Sieves Set Choose from 4 Pack of Measuring Spoons or 3 Pack of Sieves. • Measuring Spoons include 60ml, 80ml, 125ml and 250ml Spoons • Sieve Set includes 8cm, 14cm and 20cm diameter Sieves €9.99 set



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Buy in store THUR 7 APR

The Cast Iron Collection. Cook up delicious meals at home with our range of cast iron cookware at tasty prices.

30cm Shallow Cast Iron Casserole Dish • Available in sage green or pearl • Capacity approx. 3.6 litres €34.99 each 26cm Deep Cast Iron Casserole Dish • Available in sage green or pearl • Capacity approx. 5.3 litres €34.99 each Cast Iron benefits. 4 Non-stick finish for easy cleaning and requires less oil for cooking 4 Long lifespan so you can cook up delicious meals time and time again 4 Dual purpose so can be used in the oven and on the hob, suitable for all hobs including induction, and oven safe to 250 ° C 4 Retains heat – so perfect

for searing meat and keeping food warm

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Spring into colour. Deck out your home this Easter with joyful décor and gift ideas.

Easter Tree Approx. 60cm tree with flexible branches for hanging decorations. • 50 warmwhite LEDs • Includes 3 AA Batteries €12.99 each

Decorations not included.


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Buy in store THUR 7 APR

Easter Wreath Choose from Welcome Bunny Sign, Happy Easter Wreath with Foliage or Pompom Bunny. €5.99 each

Easter Home Decorations

Choose from Door Decoration, Felt Bunting, Easter Characters, Card Garland, Honeycomb Decorations or Happy Easter Sign. €2.99 each

Easter Candle Jars Set Includes 3 x 85g Candle Jars with Easter Cupcakes, Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cross Buns fragrances. €4.99 3 x 85g


Easter Children’s Ceramic Dinner Set Gift set with Mug, Plate and Bowl. Available in pastels or black/white. €13.99 set

Easter 3D Mug • Made from new bone china

€4.99 each


• Dishwasher and microwave safe • Choose from Chick, Lamb or Bunny Mug • Approx. 350ml capacity


Easter Egg Cups/ Salt and Pepper Shakers

Choose from 2 Pack Egg Cups or 2 Pack of Salt & Pepper Shakers in Chick, Bunny or Lamb designs. €3.99 2 pack


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Easter entertainment. Toys and activities to keep the little bunnies busy this Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt Choose from Easter Egg Hunt Kit, Fillable Plastic Eggs, Plush Bunny Bag or Egg & Spoon Race Kit. €4.99 each

Easter Squishmallow Choose from Bunny in grey, pink or tie-dye, Chick, Lamb or Easter Egg. €5.99 each

Make An Easter Friend Choose from Chick, Piglet or Bunny. €6.99 each


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Buy in store THUR 7 APR

Cards Party/Egg Hunt Invitations, 8 Pack of Cards, Single Cards, Large Easter or Easter Egg Bag, 4 Pack of Treat Baskets or 2 Pack of Money Wallets. 99 c each Easter Greeting Gifting Accessories Choose from 2 Wrapping Sheets with 2 Tags, Easter

Shaped Board Book Choose from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peppa Pig, Peter Rabbit or Spot.

€4.99 each

Wrapping Sheets

Gift Bags

Treat Baskets


Easter Creative Fun Choose from Make Your Own Easter Bonnet, Colour in Masks, Decorate Your Own Eggs, Make Your Own Boppers, Shredded Paper or Make Your Own Easter Trilby Hat.

Spring Fabric Fat Quarters † • Choose from Hello Spring, Garden Picnic, Bunnies &

€1.79 each

Blossoms or Flower Fields • Approx. 45 x 56cm €4.99 6 pack

Easter Napkins Choose from Easter Eggs, Easter Joy, Yellow Dots or Floral Green designs.

€1.29 20 pack

Crafting supplies. Staple Gun • Extremely robust, useful for a variety of tasks • Rubberised surface ensures non-slip working • Includes 1000 Staples €6.99 each

Set of 3 canvases. Choose from Rectangular with 25 x 35cm, 20 x 30cm, 15 x 25cm Canvases or Square with 30 x 30cm, 25 x 25cm and 20 x 20cm Canvases. Stretch Canvas Pack

• Choose from 4 designs • Approx. 45 x 56cm Fabric Fat Quarters †

€4.99 6 pack

€10.99 3 pack

† Quarters only. Does not include any stuffing or padding (not sold at Aldi). Consumers should ensure that any other components and/or composite materials (including any stuffing used inside the finished product) used in conjunction with the Quarters comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

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Neat ideas. Keep your home clean and tidy. Garment Steamer • 1500W • Lightweight and compact handheld design • Ready to use in 30 seconds • Steam button lock • Includes 2-in-1

Slumber party. Host the best sleepover for your little one.

Plush Animal Chair Comfortable plush chair with non-slip fabric on the underside • Choose from Dinosaur, Elephant, Bunny or Owl • Suitable for ages 18+ months

€29.99 each

Steam and Lint Brush, Creaser and Measuring Cup • Approx. 3m power cord • Approx. 200ml detachable water tank

€19.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

• 3mm foam backing for a smooth glide • Stays secure, smooth and taut with the easy tie-drawstring and toggle • Available in 4 printed designs • Approx. 122 x 38cm Ironing Board Cover

€5.99 each


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Buy in store THUR 7 APR

Large Storage Ottoman • Available in cream or grey • Approx. 78 x 38 x 38cm €19.99 each

4 Pack Multipack Lightbulbs

• Average 25,000-hour life • Choose from BC or ES Fittings

€7.99 4 pack

FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

Metal Frame Drinks Tray • Available in black, green or grey • Approx. 36cm diameter €10.99 each

Glass and Acacia Storage Choose from Large, 2 pack of Medium or 3 pack of Small Storage Canisters.

€8.99 each/2/3 pack

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From outdoor fun for the kids to the perfect garden set up, we’ve got spring sorted. Spring’s arrived.

Buy in store THUR 7 APR

Washing Line Prop • Twist and lock mechanism

• Available in green or silver • Extends to approx. 2.3m €3.99 each

• Made from high-impact plastic. CoolMAX Lining • EVA shock absorber • Quick Lock Fastener • Available in turquoise sizes 11-1, pink or blue 1-4.5, or grey sizes 4.5-7 Roller Skates €29.99 pair

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty


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Buy in store SUN 10 APR

Gazebo Side Panels • Includes 2 Side Panels, 1 with PE Window and 1 with Zip Fastening • Available in beige or anthracite • Approx. 294 x 190cm

€19.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty


Pop-Up Gazebo Foldable gazebo with UV and water-repellent roof construction. • Includes Carry Bag, 8 Tent Pegs, 4 Ground Spikes and 4 Guy Lines • Available in beige or anthracite • Approx. 300 x 300 x 260cm

€89.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Olive Tree Olive Tree in a 21cm terracotta pot.

On sale Thur 7 Apr

€24.99 each

Ornamental Rhododendron

Evergreen shrub ideal for patio pots or planted in mixed borders. Choose from 4 varieties. €8.99 each

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Make garden maintenance easy with our range of garden essentials. Spring spruce up.

Electric Lawn Mower • 1800W • Approx. 96dB • Safety switch and handle switch • Ergonomically shaped handlebar switch with start button • Folding handle with quick release lever for compact storage • Guide bar adjustable in angle and height • Approx. 10m cable • Cutting width approx. 44cm • 7 step height adjustment, approx. 20- 70mm • Approx. 55 litre grass bag volume €129.99 each


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Cordless Hedge Trimmer and Grass Shears

• 7.2V • LED charging indicator • Quick change blade system • Includes Hedge Trimmer Blade, Grass Shear Blade and Protection Cover • Approx. 3 hours charging time

€34.99 each


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Battery and charger included


Buy in store SUN 10 APR

Don’t miss out next week...

Glazed Effect Pot • Available in teal, grey or blue • Approx. 30cm diameter €7.99 each FREE 1 YEAR * warranty

On sale Thur 14 Apr

On sale Mon 18 Apr

Garden Hose Assortment • 20m NTS® textile reinforced garden hose for no folds or kinks • UV-resistant • Knitted textile reinforcement • Includes Spray Nozzle, Water-stop Connector, Quick Connector, Tap Adaptor and ½" Reduction

€14.99 each

Aldi Gift Cards. Available in store and online.

Garden Spray Nozzle • Fits all standard ½" connector systems • Choose from 8-pattern or Adjustable Trigger Nozzle €5.49 each

Our Gift Cards are a great way to pay for shopping in store. It’s a completely cashless payment option. They can be bought in store or online at giftcards There are 6 values that you can purchase – €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 or €500. Once you receive it, all you have to do is spend it like money in your local Aldi.

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Gorgeous Easter blooms. Pick up one of these charming springtime bouquets in store this Easter.

Easter Plant Gift Bag €4.99 each

Easter Plant Basket €7.99 each

Easter Posy €4.99 per bouquet

Vase not included.

On sale Thur 7 Apr

Climbing Plant €2.99 each

Easter Lily €9.99 each

Every Thursday, Aldi will be stocking an exciting new range of plants – exclusive to Aldi and grown in association with Bord Bia quality assured nurseries.

Our range of mixed spring perennials is perfect for early colour in the garden. They can be planted in beds and rockeries and will flower through spring and early summer. Trim back after flowering to encourage healthy growth and flowers for the following year. They can also be planted in pots on the patio and transferred to the garden when they are finished flowering for year after year colour.

Our range of Irish-grown soft fruit bushes grow best in a sheltered spot. For best results add compost and water during dry spells and keep the label for pruning instructions. If you’re short of outdoor space, simply plant your blueberries and gooseberries in large pots on the patio. Expect a full crop by the second year.

Mixed Perennials €4.99 each

John Flanagan SAP Nurseries, Co. Tipperary Irish Grown Soft Fruit Bush

On sale Thur 7 Apr

On sale Thur 7 Apr

Choose from Raspberry, Blackberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant, Green Gooseberry, Red Cranberry or Blueberry.

€3.99 each


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Buy in store SUN 10 APR

Relax and unwind with quality garden furniture. Soak up the sun.

3 Piece Rope Coffee Set • UV resistant • Available in anthracite with dark grey rope

weaving and grey cushions • Table approx. 45 x 55cm €209.99 set


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Smirnoff Ice €5.08 per 70cl ¤7.99 4 x 275ml

Kopparberg Gin & Lemonade Passionfruit & Orange

Kopparberg Gin & Lemonade

Kopparberg Gin & Lemonade Strawberry & Lime

Mixed Fruit €5.59 per 70cl ¤7.99 4 x 250ml

€5.59 per 70cl ¤7.99 4 x 250ml

€5.59 per 70cl ¤7.99 4 x 250ml

Fat Frog €4.22 per 70cl ¤1.99 330ml

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Smarten up your garden with a fresh lick of paint and more! Transform your space.

• Max. 180 bar pressure • Universal attachment • No splashback • Perfect for cleaning flat surfaces • Ergonomic plastic handle for work on vertical surfaces • 2 rotary high pressure nozzles • Plastic extension tubes • Total length of the extension tubes approx. 736mm • Approx. 200ml detergent tank Patio & Wall Cleaner Attachment

Men’s Workwear Fleece

Men’s Workwear Trousers

€11.99 each

€12.99 each

€22.99 each

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Pressure Washer not included.

Available in Forget Me Not, Willow Green, Cool Grey or Urban Slate. Garden Accents

€10.99 each

Masonry Paint • Available in white, cream or grey • Suitable for external use

€10.99 each


You can check all delays by scanning the code.

Buy in store SUN 10 APR

3.6V Pivot Handle Screwdriver

WD-40 Oil • Multi-use oil with smart straw • Silicone free €1.93 per 100ml €3.49 180ml

3.6V screwdriver with LED worklight. • 180° turnable handle • Forward and reverse functions • ¼" bit capacity • 6 + 1 torque settings, 5Nmmax. torque • Automatic shut-off and overheat protection • Includes 54 Screw Bits • Approx. 3 hours charging time

€19.99 each


FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

Cable Ties • Choose from 500 non-reusable cable ties in black or 50 reusable cables ties in black • Suitable for electrical insulations according to DIN EN 62275 €4.99 each

8-in-1 Multi Wrench Adjustable for handling 8-21mm heads. €9.99 each

Assorted Sanding Paper Choose from 30 pack of Sanding Discs for orbital, detail or finishing sander,

10 pack of Sanding Belts for belt sander or 6 pack

of Sanding Belts for bench grinder and belt sander.

€2.99 30/10/6 pack


Wooden Decking Tiles • Connector systemwith hooks and loops • 10 tiles per box, each tile approx. 30 x 30 x 2.4cm

€24.99 10 pack

FREE 3 YEAR * warranty

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Amazing offers Everyday Work and play. AVAILABLE FROM THUR 31 MAR WHILE STOCKS LAST

Family Pack Irish Angus Diced Steak Pieces €5.79 675g

€5.49 360g Irish Angus Beef Medallions

€1.99 150g Turkey Pudding

Irish Basted Pork Collar Joint Choose from Roast Onion & Herb or Sea Salt & Peppercorn Rub. 1.1-1.6kg

€5.49 per kg

Family Pack Irish Angus Diced Steak Pieces 675g, €8.58 per kg. Irish Angus Beef Medallions 360g, €15.25 per kg. Irish Basted Pork Collar Joint 1.1-1.6kg, €5.49 per kg. Turkey Pudding 150g, €13.27 per kg. Available from Thursday 31 March 2022 while stocks last. Photography shows serving suggestion.


to Ireland’s best fresh meat & fish


€5.79 440g Salmon Fillets Family Pack €6.49

€2.19 250g Smoked Coley Fillets €2.69

Irish Large Whole Chicken

€3.99 575g Irish Pork Fillet



€3.99 1.9kg

€14.99 2.5kg Irish Dry Cured Horseshoe Ham Choose from Unsmoked or Applewood Smoked.


€1.99 454g Irish 8% Fat Beef Mince €2.69

€4.29 600g Irish Stewing Beef


Salmon Fillets Family Pack 440g, €13.16 per kg. Smoked Coley Fillets 250g, €8.76 per kg. Specially Selected Irish Dry Cured Horseshoe Ham 2.5kg, €6.00 per kg. Irish Pork Fillet 575g, €6.94 per kg. Irish Large Whole Chicken 1.9kg, €2.10 per kg. Irish 8% Fat Beef Mince 454g, €4.38 per kg. Irish Stewing Beef 600g, €7.15 per kg. Available from Thursday 31 March 2022 to Monday 18 April 2022 while stocks last. 37


Wework hardwith our suppliers to ensure our produce is the freshest quality but, if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, don’t worry –we’ve launched our Fresh Guarantee so you can just return the itemandwe’ll refund you!




Rooster Potatoes 49 c

Little Gem Lettuce 49 c

79 c



2 pack



Mini Easy Peelers 49 c

85 c

99 c

Carrots 49 c




95 c

99 c

Plums 49 c

Broccoli 49 c



Daily deliveries. That’s


Rooster Potatoes 1kg, 49c per kg. Little Gem Lettuce 2 pack, 24.5c each. Mini Easy Peelers 500g, 98c per kg. Carrots 1kg, 49c per kg. Broccoli 500g, 98c per kg. Plums 400g, €1.22 per kg. Fruit and Veg offers available from Thursday 7 April 2022 to Wednesday 13 April 2022. New offers start Thursday 14 April 2022. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers. Fresh Guarantee – terms and conditions apply, please see


Easter Eggs see in store for great price



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